Digital Bank & Fintech Slogans: 200+ Taglines from Around the World

Digital banks and fintechs, being denizens of the internet, typically don’t have a traditional community to appeal to when creating a marketing slogan. Instead, when they promote their services, they aim for something that sets them apart from traditional banks and credit unions. This can include such themes as providing ease of use or special insights. Themes can also revolve around inclusion, affordability, concern for the environment, racial or religious identity, innovation or simply the desire for something new and different. More and more fintechs live in the world of cryptocurrency.

Traditional banks and credit unions make a convenient target for newcomers and digital banks and fintechs often poke fun or criticize, by implication, what the mainstream players do. Slogans like “Bolder thinking needs bolder banking” and “Feel happy about money,” among the list below, naturally imply that what came before left something to be desired.

The Financial Brand will be adding to the list of slogans below.

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A-D, Digital Bank & Fintech Slogans

86400: “It’s just smart banking.”

Acorns: “Grow your oak.”

Accrue Savings: “Saving, Rewarded.” (“Save up for purchases from your favorite brands, earn cash rewards, and buy when you’re ready.”)

Adyen: “The platform to help your business grow.”

Aeldra: “Live Globally. Bank Globally.”

Affirm: “Pay at your own pace.”

Aion Bank: “Turbo-boost Your Money.”

Airstar Bank: “Stellar Bank Services for Each & Everyone.”

Airwallex: “Your financial suite for global success.”

Albert: “We’re banking on you.”

Alpian Bank: “Begin your journey to wealth beyond money.”

Ando: “Mobile banking for a more sustainable future.”

Anna Money: (Absolutely No Nonsense Admin): “The business account and tax app for small businesses.”

Arival Bank: “The first fintech bank for the abnormal.”

Aspiration: “Big impact can start with small change.”

Avant: “Three products, one goal: Give everyday Americans access to the financial products they deserve.”

Axos Bank: “Start Banking Effortlessly.”

Azimo: “The faster, cheaper way to send money anywhere in the world.”

Babb: “Inclusive financial services for the world!”

Bankera: “Bank account alternative.”

Bankin’: “Money management made simple.”

Baselane: “Rental property finances. Simplified.”

Bella: “We don’t need customers. We need people that care about each other.”

BigPay: “BigPay gives you control of your money.”

BlueVine: “Better banking for your business.”

Branch: “Fueling a world of opportunity.”

Brass: “Banking that works for your business.”

Brex: “Finance for fast-growing companies.”

Brick: “The fastest payments in home renovation.”

Bridge: “Make bank with Bridge.”

Brightwell: “We focus on payments so you don’t have to.”

Bunq: “Bank of the Free.”

Capway: “More than banking. The opportunity.”

Cashplus Bank: “Banking that breaks down barriers.”

Cheese: “Banking that rewards you.”

Chime: “Banking that has your back.”

Cleo: “A money app that’s got your back.”

Cogni: “The people-driven digital banking app designed with YOU in mind.”

Coinbase: “The future of money is here.”

Column: “The developer infrastructure bank.”

Current: “The Future of …” (Banking, Spending, Paydays, Rewards, Savings, it rotates.)

Curve: “Supercharge your money.”

Dave: “Banking for Humans.”

Digibank: “Welcome to the unbank.”

Digit: “Stress less about your money.”

Dora: “Better than a bank

Douugh: “Banking made for you.”

Dozens: “Fairer for your money.”

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E-J, Digital Bank & Fintech Slogans

Elyps: “Think out of the Bank.”

Empower: “Your journey to better credit starts here.”

Envel: “Banking for a new Generation.”

Enzo: “Make your money work for you.”

EQ Bank: “Smart banking that earns you more without all the nonsense.”

EQIBank: “Connecting All Your Banking Needs.”

Extra: “Build your credit with a debit card.”

Facile: “Banking in the palm of your hand.”

Fardows:“Halal banking anywhere you go.”

Finch: “A better way to grow.”

Flex: “A smarter way to pay rent.”

Flyp: “Flyp is the future. Not a bank.”

Friz: “Get closer to financial freedom.”

Frost: “Conquer your finances with Frost.”

Fundbox: “Powering the small business economy.”

Funding Circle: “Grow your business, confidently.”

Gimi: “Financial Superskills for children and young people”

GoHenry: “Making Kids Smart with Money.”

Good Money: “Grow Wealth. Do Good.”

GreenLight: “Learn to earn, save and invest together.”

Greenwood: “Modern Banking for the Culture.”

Habito: “Mortgages made easier.”

Happy Money: “You only get happier from here.”

Hiver: “Become part of Australia’s first digital bank for essential workers.”

HMBradley: “Unlock your money’s potential.”

Holvi: “Your all-in-one account for self-employment.”

Honeydue: “Outsmart money, together.”

HyperJar: “Spend life well.”

Insha: “Your sustainable account with principles.”

Ivy Bank: “Save with Ivy Bank today. Grow for the future.”

Jassby: “The #1 Money App For Kids & Families.”

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K-M, Digital Bank & Fintech Slogans

Karat: “Credit for people with a bigger vision.”

Kinly: “Banking built for Black America.”

Koho: “Made for your money.”

Kroo: “For you, your Kroo & the planet.”

Kudabank: “We’re the bank of the free.”

Lance: “Business banking for the new work era.”

LendInvest: “Property finance made simple.”

Lendio: “Your one-stop shop for business lending.”

LendKey: “Student loan options you deserve.”

Letter: “Beyond Banking: Thoughtful finance, banking, and wealth management for high net worth individuals.”

Liferaft: “There for you through life’s costly moments.”

Lili: “Banking designed for your business.”

Lower: “Everything for your home, for Lower.”

Lume: “Better banking for nurses.”

Lunar: “Power your money.”

M1 Finance: “The Finance SuperApp.”

Marcus: “You can money.”

Majority: “All-in-one banking for migrants.”

MarketFinance: “Business finance made easy.”

Marygold & Co.: “Take Control of Your Money.”

Mazoola: “The only family friendly mobile wallet powered by privacy.”

Meem: “Welcome to Meem Digital Banking, the 24/7 bank that fits in your pocket.”

Mercury: “Banking stack for startups.”

Mettle: “The business account by NatWest that helps you start, run and grow.”

Miio: “¡Siente el poder y disfruta!” (“Feel the power and enjoy!”)

MoCaFi: “It’s a new day.”

MoneyLion: “Banking that gives you more.”

Monifi: “Make your banking (and life) easier.”

Monzo: “Your money made easy.”

Mox Bank: “Mox Credit. Better than a credit card.”

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N-Q, Digital Bank & Fintech Slogans

Neat: “A business account built for growth.”

Neo: “What if the future of banking wasn’t a bank?”

Nerve: “Banking for creators. Treat your business like a business.”

Nimble: “Help your children learn money skills for life.”

Niyo: “Making Banking Smarter, Safer and Simpler for you.”

Northmill Bank: “Improve financial life.”

NorthOne: “Business banking made for America.”

Novel: “Simplify your business finances.”

Novo: “Powerfully simple business banking.”

Nuri: “New Reality Banking. Nuri is the bank account to grow your money.”

OakNorth Bank: “Bolder thinking needs bolder banking.”

OCareNeo: “Not just Banking, it’s Banking for Health.”

OPay: “Making Financial Services More Accessible For You.”

Open: “Your banking & accounting on autopilot.”

Osper: “A debit card and pocket money app trusted by parents and loved by children.”

Oxygen: “Say no to normal.”

Paceline: “Changing the world. 150 minutes at a time.”

Pennyworth: “Reach your goals.”

Penta: “Business banking simplified.”

Petal: “Responsible credit for the modern world.”

PointCard Titan: “Different by Design.”

Pomelo: “The refreshingly free way to send money.”

Possible Finance: “Financial Fairness is Possible. Here for Good.”

Progressa: “Personalized debt relief because your story matters.”

Propel: “We’re making America’s safety net more user-friendly.”

Purple: “Mobile banking for people with disabilities.”

Qapital: “Feel happy about money.”

Qonto: “The account that powers up your business.”

Qube Money: “The Power of Digital Banking with Cash Envelopes.”

Quontic: “The Adaptive Digital Bank”

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R-S, Digital Bank & Fintech Slogans

Ramp: “Finance, Simplified.”

RateSetter: “A loan to make your plans a reality.”

Razorpay: “Power your finance, grow your business.”

Rebellion: “Mobile account and cryptos at your fingertips.”

Remitly: “Promises delivered.”

Re:start: “A Digital Bank that Gives.”

Revolut: “One app, all things money.”

Ripple: “Move money to all corners of the world.”

Rizq: “The UK’s premier ethical digital finance app. Join us and be part of the ethical revolution!”

RoosterMoney: “Kids’ allowances. Sorted.”

Robinhood: “Investing is simple here.”

Sable: “The world’s fastest, most premium path to financial freedom.”

ScanPay: “Accept payments easily. Get payouts instantly.”

Scratch: “Finally, a better way to pay back your loans.”

SEBA Bank: “The Bank for the New Economy.”

SoFi: “Get Your Money Right.”

Spiral: “Banking for the Socially Responsible.”

Spriggy: “Australia’s most loved pocket money app and card.”

Square: “Flexible business solutions that work for you.”

Stack: “Ditch the bank fees.”

Starling Bank: “Meet Britain’s Best Bank.”

Stash: “Investing made easy.”

Statrys. “A business account that fits your needs.”

Stessa: “Simplifying rental property finances.”

Step: “Banking for teens.”

Stripe: “Payment infrastructure for the internet.”

Suvi: “Banking Simplified!”

Sync: “Get in control with sync.”

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T-Z, Digital Bank & Fintech Slogans

Tala: “Digital financial services for the next billion.”

Tide: “Do what you love.”

Till: “Till builds smarter spenders.”

Timo: “Smarter Banking. Better Living.”

Tomo: “The credit card of tomorrow.”

Tomorrow: “Banking for a better future.”

Tonik: “Experience banking in the neo normal.”

Treecard: “Money doesn’t grow on trees but it can plant them.”

Truebill: “The money app that works for you.”

Tymit: “Two cards. One mission. Your financial freedom.”

UBank: “Simpler, better, smarter everyday banking.”

Umba: “A better banking experience.”

Uncapped: “Banking for scaling ecommerce.”

Unifimoney: “Money Different.”

Up: “Easy Money: Upgrade your banking. Make money easy.”

Upgrade: “A smarter way to use credit.”

Valora: “If you can text, you can crypto.”

Varo: “A bank for all of us.”

Venmo: “Fast, safe, social payments.”

Vergo: “Better banking for …” (General Contractors, Home Builders, Architects & Designers, it rotates.)

Vio Bank: “Save smart. Earn more.”

Viva Wallet: “Change the way you are getting paid.”

Vivid: “Let your money grow.”

Volt Bank: “Not your typical bank.”

Walrus: “Level up your money game.”

Wave: “Manage your money like a boss.”

Wealthfront: “Invest for the long term on your terms.”

Wealthsimple: “Do money right.”

WeBank FinTech: “The World’s Leading Digital Bank”

WhatsLoan: “For every Borrower there is a Lender.”

Wise: “The 3x cheaper international account.”

Yap: “Intelligent digital banking in the palm of your hands.”

Yolt: “Bring the power of open banking to your business.”

Zolve: “For everything money, simply Zolve it.”

Zoona: “Let’s make it real!”

Zopa: “The FeelGood Money company.”

Zoro Card: “A better way to build credit.”

Zynlo Bank: “Financial freedom in the palm of your hand” and “It’s not where you bank, it’s how.”

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