Free Marketing Makeover for One Lucky Financial Institution


How would you like a world-class financial advertising and branding firm to completely redo one of your marketing projects — for free?

Have you ever run a campaign or promotion and wondered if you could have been done differently? Or somehow better? Maybe you envisioned a different design solution? Or thought it should have turned out some other way than it did?

Well, here’s your chance.. and your opportunity to get an all-expense paid trip to The Financial Brand Forum 2014.

The team at Adrenaline, one of the financial industry’s premier advertising, branding and design studios, is giving a free marketing makeover to one lucky bank or credit union.

There’s three simple steps, and here’s how it works.

Step 1. Project Submission & Selection

Use the form below and tell us about your project, what you did, why you did it, what you didn’t like about it, and what you’d like to see changed. We’re looking for ad campaigns, product promotions and other similar initiatives that involve more than one medium/channel. This project would preferably be something you’ve already ran in the past — this is technically a “makeover” — although new projects will be considered.

The Financial Brand and Adrenaline will work together to select the right project. Our goal is to help bank and credit union marketers understand the strategic principles of advertising, branding and marketing, so the ideal project will afford maximum learning opportunities and speak to the common challenges facing financial institutions today.

Step 2. Project Launch & Discovery Phase

Your marketing team will work with Adrenaline’s team to launch the project just like you normally would at any ad agency or design studio. You’ll have meetings and teleconferences to discuss your objectives, what you liked/didn’t like, what worked/didn’t work, etc.

Step 3. Development Phase – Adrenaline Goes to Work


Gina Bleedorn

Adrenaline’s creative team, lead by Executive Director Gina Bleedorn, will document their development process as they work through your marketing project. Using photos, videos and internal interviews with their team, they will capture the story: How did they approach the problem? What ideas did they explore? What ideas did they discard, and why? What concepts did they choose to move forward with?

The Magic Moment – Makeover Revealed!


Eduardo Alvarez

On Friday, April 4, Adrenaline’s Gina Bleedorn and Eduardo Alvarez will present three new concepts to you in front of a live audience at The Financial Brand Forum in Las Vegas. Both you and the agency will take the stage to discuss your original project. Adrenaline will then explain their strategic approach, development process, and how they solved your creative assignment. The hitch: this will be the first time you’ve seen Adrenaline’s creative concepts (sorry, no chance for “pre-approval” before the Forum conference).

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( Learn More: The Financial Brand Forum 2014 • April 3-4 • Las Vegas )

Summary of Marketing Makeover

What you’ll get:

  • Three fresh executions on one of your financial institution’s marketing projects… for free!
  • The opportunity to work with one of the banking industry’s best branding, marketing and design firms — see how they work, how they think
  • An all-expense paid trip to The Financial Brand Forum 2014 in Las Vegas, April 3-4 (includes air, hotel, registration fee and miscellaneous expenses)

What’s you’ll need to do:

  • Submit your makeover project using the form below
  • Make yourself and/or your marketing team available for a few meetings with Adrenaline to discuss your project
  • Attend The Financial Brand Forum 2014
  • Be willing to give feedback on the three concepts you’re presented live at the conference
  • Tell the audience which concept you’d pick if you moved forward (you will not be obligated to do anything with any of the concepts you’re shown)
  • Answer questions from the Forum 2014 audience

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