The Financial Brand Bible

financial_brand_bibleThis one-of-a-kind how-to manual includes over 140 pages of step-by-step guides for building, designing and managing banking brands — yours free when you register for The Financial Brand Forum 2015!

In the 140-page Financial Brand Bible is divided into three sections: brand strategy development, brand management, and brand identity/execution. You can see the chapters included below:

This may be the only book you ever see specifically about branding in the banking industry. And the only way to get your hands on a copy is to register for The Financial Brand Forum 2015.

Section 1: Brand Strategy & Development
Building a brand strategy is one of the most difficult yet rewarding initiatives your organization will undertake. But where to begin? This section of The Financial Brand Bible shows you the fundamental framework underpinning any effective brand strategy. It teaches you a number of tips, tricks and techniques professional branding consultants use to tease out the tenets of any organization’s brand core.

  • The Four Criteria Your Institution’s Brand Must Meet
  • The Two Most Important Branding Questions You Can Ask
  • Banks: Less Differentiated Than a Bar of Soap
  • Is Your Financial Institution Any Different?
  • Why Your Service Doesn’t Differentiate You
  • Antes vs. Drivers: 3 Steps to Find Relevant Differentiation
  • The Importance of Eliminating Confusion About ‘Branding’ Among Internal Stakeholders
  • Building Consensus Around What ‘Branding’ Means
  • The 15 Most Common Brand Positions in Retail Banking
  • Core Values: Do All Banks Really Believe the Same Thing?
  • Mission, Vision, Values and Your Brand Position
  • Inside-Out vs. Outside-In
  • 7 Techniques to Identify Your Institution’s Brand Personality
  • Why Your Brand Starts — and Stops — With Consistency
  • Advanced Consumer Psychology: The Good Reason vs. The Real Reason

Section 2: Brand Management
There’s more to branding than just having a strategy and a snazzy design. The implementation, management and internal execution is where most financial institutions fall down in the branding journey. This section outlines what the senior leadership team must do in order to fully infuse their brand strategy throughout the organization.

  • The Principles and Power of Proactive Brand Management
  • 5 Things HR Should Do to Build Your Brand
  • Why You Don’t Control Your ‘Brand’
  • Frost Bank’s Mini Brand Manifesto: Big, Bold Promises
  • The BlueShore Journey: A 10-Year Brand Transformation
  • How To Build Brand Books For Retail Financial Institutions

Section 3: Brand Identity & Execution
This section covers the tangible brand — its graphic identity and visual execution. There are over 30 pages with examples and case studies — very handy when it comes time to redesign your organization’s look and feel.

  • Four Myths About Bank & Credit Union Slogans
  • The Basics of Brand Identity Design
  • 11 Tips For Building A World-Class Brand Identity
  • Evolving for the Future: Repositioning and Repackaging a Bank Brand
  • Friend Bank
  • First Citizens Bank
  • ASB Bank
  • MB Financial
  • Grow Financial
  • Premier National Bank
  • Danvers Bank
  • GTE Financial

Bonus Section: Glossary of Branding Terminology

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