This Could Be The Best Financial Marketing Conference Ever (With Your Help)

When The Financial Brand was launched over five years ago, there were plans to someday host an industry-leading conference. That day may be just around the corner…

The Financial Brand is considering hosting a two day conference in the U.S. in 2014. What do you think? Sound interesting?

One frustration many financial marketers have with conferences today is that they are exclusive to either banks or credit unions. The Financial Brand has always believed that the principles of retail financial marketing generally apply to both banks and credit unions, and that both sides have much they can learn from one another.

It is in this spirit that The Financial Brand would develop its annual conference. As always, you could expect the same level of thought-provoking (sometimes controversial) insight you enjoy in the site’s content, with a focus on strategy, how-to advice, practical “take home” ideas and real-world examples. No boring sessions. No shameless self-promotional presentations. Just material bank and credit union marketers can use, delivered in innovative and interactive formats.

Now that you know a little about the approach The Financial Brand would take to a conference, please share your thoughts with us in this short, five-question survey.

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