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RBC Launches ‘myFinance Tracker’ PFM Platform

The number of banks and credit unions integrating branded personal financial management (PFM) platforms from providers like Mint and Jwaala have helped these startups become internet sensations almost overnight. Now RBC is offering a white label solution from Yodlee, which the bank has dubbed myFinance Tracker. “myFinanceTracker is a dynamic, customizable financial management tool that […]

Making Banking Easy Isn’t Easy

If making banking easy was an easy thing to do, someone would have done it. Yet surprisingly few banks have even attempted this direction.

Survey Proves Value of Online Banking, Bill Pay

In the 2010 Consumer Billing and Payment Trends report, Fiserv, a leading financial technology company, shares the results of its survey involving 3,029 internet consumers. The 2010 survey shows online banking, bill payment and e-bill usage continues to grow, and that the online bill payment population has changed over the last decade. Furthermore, the study […]

Cool App: ATM Finder with Augmented Reality

If there are more than 300,000 ATMs in the U.S., why is it that you can never seem to find one when you need it? Addison Avenue FCU thinks it has the answer with its free iPhone ATM locator. Using augmented reality technology, the credit union’s application lets iPhone users can their phones in any […]

The Very Mobile Future of Banking

Take a look at these videos and interactive demos and you’ll swear the future of banking hinges on the marriage of two ideas: “mobile” + “touchscreens.” Commonwealth Bank – 2013 Vision Commonwealth Bank, based in Australia, sees the near future of banking built around interactive touchscreen technologies like Microsoft’s Surface and Apple’s iPad. The Aussie […]

Addison Avenue + Wesabe Groups = PFM + Online Q&A

Reviewed and written by Jeff Stephens, CEO/Creative Brand Communications Addison Avenue Federal Credit Union recently partnered with personal financial management firm Wesabe to offer Addison Avenue Groups, an online initiative hosting a variety of discussions on financial topics where people can answer each other’s questions and offer advice. Groups cover broad subjects like “Buying a […]

Westpac Resurrecting Dead Brand for Online Direct Arm?

Australian bank Westpac is considering reviving the Bank of Melbourne brand it retired years ago following an acquisition. Westpac is reportedly planning to relaunch the Bank of Melbourne as on online internet direct bank. “The idea is to use the Bank of Melbourne as an online deposit store with price-leading offers,” a Westpac insider told […]

ING Stacks Consumers’ Finances Against Peers

A new, free web-tool from ING, INGCompareMe.com, uses peer data to let people see where they stand on a wide range financial matters including savings, spending, investing, debt and planning. (See screenshots below.) When you’re done answering questions, you can ask ING to generate a PDF report with your results (shown right). If you answer […]