New On-Hold Messaging Solution Available in Retail Banking

Captive Indoor Media, a leader in digital branch signage and marketing systems, launches its new Codigo on-hold voice messaging product.

Captive Indoor Media announced the addition of an on-hold messaging feature to its web based digital signage tool, Codigo. Used throughout the financial industry to manage thousands of digital signage units, Captive’s Codigo software now has the capability to send audio marketing messages directly to users’ phone systems. With the release of Codigo Voice, the company says it has taken steps to transform itself from a platform that only manages digital signage networks to one that offers management of multiple systems from a single login.

“Over the course of the last year Captive has spent a lot of time researching which product categories are of the most value to customers and how to integrate them to reduce the time and complexity required in managing these services” said Brian Nutt, Captive Indoor Media’s Founder and CEO. “The first product added is on-hold messaging, which is widely deployed within our current customer base right now. Codigo Voice will be an attractive alternative” said Nutt.

Customer collaboration played a big part in the launch of Codigo Voice. When asked why on-hold messaging was chosen, Nutt said, “We asked our customers what systems they were using and how we could make it easier to manage them. Most replied that they wanted an easier way to manage their on-hold marketing messages. So, we just added that functionality to a tool they were already using.”

Codigo Voice offers subscribers more than 7,000 songs in every genre to play while callers are on hold or to serve as background music for their own marketing messages. Uploading audio clips is easy, but users can also choose to work with Captive’s award-winning creative team, utilizing professional male and female voice talent to develop high-impact audio commercials. The online systems allows users to schedule their messages remotely, managing their on-hold messaging from anywhere with an internet connection. Visit their website for more details about Codigo Voice.

When asked what was next for Captive, Nutt replied, “We have aggressive plans to launch several other products under the umbrella of our flagship system, Codigo. Through continued collaboration with our customers, we foresee helping them to influence retail buyer behavior in a broader way than currently possible” added Nutt.

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