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How Will Banking Evolve As We Enter The New Year?

Covid-19 rattled the banking industry in 2021 as banks and credit unions internationally scrambled to find digital solutions to serve their customers with, says Deloitte's Center for Financial Services' Executive Director Jim Eckenrode. How will this year affect the future of banking, and what's to come technologically?

WeBank: The Most Advanced Digital Bank in the World

WeBank was the first digital-only bank to hit the Chinese banking industry, and it was founded as a way to provide banking solutions to underserved customers and SMBs, says executive vice president and CIO Henry Ma.

The Role of Banking in the Future of Digital Identity

Digital IDs are, for the most part, a young and unadopted technology — particularly by the traditional banking industry. However, as they grow more popular, it'll be important that banks and credit unions understand the benefits and risks of KYC and digital identity verification, says David Birch.