Datahead: Opt-in, Reg E, Innovation, More…

Number of big bank customers who say they ‘definitely will not’ switch during the next 12 months.
— ABA Bank Marketing Magazine

Growth in credit union membership in 2009. It was 1.6% in 2008.
2009 – 91,175,370
2008 – 89,861374

Number of credit unions that disappeared in 2009

Number of banks that have disappeared since 2005.
— Market Rates Insight

Number of bank branches that have been built since 2005.
— Market Rates Insight

Number of credit union branches in 2010, 51 more than in 2009.

Total of all nonperforming loans at U.S. banks (5.46% nationwide).
— Gonzo Banker

Consumers who think it’s justifiable to default on a mortgage if their home is underwater.
— National Foundation for Credit Counseling

Percentage of consumers saying they would opt in to an overdraft program.
22% would not and 39% were undecided.
— Nielsen

Only one-quarter (27%) of consumers claim to know all about the new regulations. Most have just heard a little (37%) or never heard of the changes (36%)
— Nielsen

Bankers who said they were more innovative than their competitors.
— Accenture/Bank Technology News

Banks saying that innovation was one of their top three priorities.
— Accenture/Bank Technology News

Bankers saying their company is looking for the next “silver bullet” versus developing a portfolio of innovations.
— Accenture/Bank Technology News

Percentage of “innovative” new products that have failed because of incorrect pricing.
— Accenture/Bank Technology News

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