How Custom Debit/Credit Card Designs Make Accounts Sticky & Grow Relationships

Financial institutions can provide a more personal banking experience for consumers by giving them control over the design of their debit/credit card artwork. Here are four different examples of banks and credit unions that are using custom card solutions, and how it can be used to generate more income.

Financial institutions are always competing to stand out among the crowd with new product and services that have high customer appeal. With the majority of debit card offerings having the same basic features and capabilities, many banks and credit unions have embraced custom debit card art solutions for their customers. With customizable debit cards, financial institutions can appeal to new customers, with the option to create an additional revenue stream.

Allowing consumers to add their own personal style and creativity to products is an increasingly popular trend in the retail industry. A recent example of this trend can be seen with the launch of Google’s new smartphone, Moto X. Rather than trying to compete with Apple and Samsung on the features and capabilities of the phone, the company has turned to promoting Moto X’s customizable options — allowing consumers to tailor its aesthetics to their personal preference, with more than 2,000 combinations to choose from.

Here are a few examples of institutions offering custom debit card designs and how they advertise and/or charge for the service.

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1. M&T Bank Custom Cards

In November of 2012, M&T Bank rolled out their custom debit card offering to their personal and business checking customers. M&T Bank customers can use the Custom Card Design Studio to create their own design or use premade designs.

Bank customers can either use their own image or choose from a gallery of more than 270 images provided by M&T Bank, including special designs featuring the Buffalo Bills, Baltimore Ravens, and Dover International Speedway’s popular icon, Miles the Monster.

M&T Bank is the exclusive provider of the Bills, Ravens, and Monster Mile check cards through official sponsorship deals with each organization.

Customers can use preloaded background images that cover the entire face of the card, or upload a personal image that is placed in the upper right-had of the card. The fee is $7.95 for approved designs. Replacement cards will not incur a fee as long as the custom design remains unchanged.


2. Old National Bank – My ImageCard/My IdentityCard

Old National Bank offers three different solutions for customers to create their own personalized debit card with YourImage, YourIdentity, and YourIdea. Customers can choose to upload their favorite image as the background, an identity photo for security protection, or design their own idea.
Old National Bank charges an annual fee of $15 for a “My ImageCard” or “My IdentityCard.”


Old National Bank uses the same card designing software solution that M&T Bank uses. It’s from a company called Serverside Group. Their turn-key, off-the-shelf product, AllAboutMe, is their award winning card customization product used by over 2,000 financial institutions in 27 countries. There system creates a seamless online interface that blends easily with your brand and website, and can be easily implemented with zero involvement from your IT team.

According to Serverside Group, customized cards have proven their ability to foster loyalty, reduce churn, and increase card utilization with front-of-wallet placement. Some of the results they tout for their bank and credit union clients:

  • BBVA Compass Bank – 54% account activation increase
  • American First Credit Union – 68% increase in member usage
  • Newscastle Permanent Building Society – 15% increase in customer acquisition rate
  • BBVA Compass Bank – 3% increase in customer retention

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3. Wells Fargo Card Design Studio

The Wells Fargo Card Design Studio allows users to customize their debit and credit cards — for either personal or business. Users can upload their own image or choose from preselected set backgrounds. Wells Fargo’s custom debit cards only allow the user to take about two-thirds of the card with their image while reserving one-third of the card for Wells Fargo branding.

Wells Fargo will review each design and send a confirmation within two business days if approved. Once approved, the new card will arrive in the mail within five to seven business days.


4. TruWest Credit Union – “MyChoice Debit Card”

TruWest Credit Union offers their customers a free customized card solution with the MyChoice Debit Card. Customers are encouraged to change their card design anytime they choose for a $5 fee.

Debit Card Art provides many different elements to institutions looking to achieve certain goals and objectives for their operation. For institutions looking to increase fee-based income, this solution provides a potential avenue as additional service that interested consumers would be willing to pay for. Some institutions choose to provide the service for free (or the initial design for free) in order to gain another advantage over local competition.


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