The Top 10 Most Popular Stories in 2009

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number-1Virgin should shock just about everyone

What do you get when you include terms like “Virgin” and “naked grandma” in an article? The most-viewed post at The Financial Brand in 2009. Overlook the tawdry side of the story and you’ll see why the lack of trust in the financial industry creates fertile ground for disruptive “challenger brands.”

number-twoBanking powerhouse ANZ debuts new global logo

No one seemed to notice when ANZ quietly rolled its new logo out in Asian markets in April, 2009. Then, when it finally sprang the logo on Aussies, they became keenly interested — particularly the design community.

number-threeCredit unions to pay for their day in the sun

In what was the biggest non-story in the credit union industry in 2009, this article broke news about a potential ABC News piece on a credit union “junket” to St. Kitts. The piece never aired, but it scared the begeezus out of credit unions.

number-fourSee Barclays’ bank of the future… it’s here now

Readers were fascinated by all the technology and glitz of Barclays flagship branch at Piccadilly Circus in London. It’s a cool, gorgeous branch, and one of the first to deploy Microsoft’s Surface.

number-fiveConvicted robber shares branch security insights

Back in 1992, Troy Evans served seven years in prison for multiple bank robberies. Today, Troy is a noted speaker and branch security consultant. He offers a lot of good advice in this popular exclusive interview.

number-sixThe Future of Branches

The presentation embedded in this article contains 88 slides about how to create a retail financial branch — everything from store design, security, retailing and merchandising is covered.

number-sevenHSBC: ‘Different Points of Value’

A brand strategy based on values and perspective is turned into a thought-provoking image/identity with worldwide interest. The advertising portfolio is both creative and impressive, but is it a cop-out to simply say, “We value what you value?”

number-eight10 tweets you shouldn’t send (and why)

This list of 10 silly-but-common tweets illustrates the broader challenges facing financial institutions and their approach to Twitter: “What should we be tweeting?” A good discussion ensues in the comments.

number-nineResults 2.0: Social media for financial institutions

The embedded presentation (69 slides) outlines what you need to know to implement Web 2.0 tools that accomplish real business objectives, including the hardcore realities behind all the Web 2.0 hoopla. The presentation is also a very popular webinar.

number-tenWhy Chase is killing WaMu’s retail concept

There was much scuttlebutt when Chase announced it was going to remodel all of WaMu’s much-acclaimed ‘Occasio’ branches. Chase chastised the WaMu model as inferior. The truth is that the two banks had radically different business models that demanded different branch delivery channels.

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