What Will Banking Look Like in 20 Years?

At The Financial Brand Forum 2014, we asked banking executives what they believe banking will look like in 20 years. The answer: It's all digital.

“I think you will have far fewer branches. You will have far fewer banks. But the ones that are going to be here are going to be much stronger. And probably they are not going to look anything like they do today. I don’t think you are going to be able to point to the street corner and say, ‘there’s my bank’. You’re going to look at their phone and say they are on the front page of my phone.”

— Jim Marous
Publisher of Retail Banking Strategies, The Financial Brand

“I think in 20 years banking is going to be primarily on your mobile phone. Not even on your computer. I think it is going to be mobile primarily. But I do see that banking is always never going to lose that personal touch of the branches.”

— Mary Anne Clancy
VP Communications, Institution for Savings

“It’s probably going to end up being more digital and much more about the relationship than it is about the services, the rates and what you offer.”

— Rebecca Hellmann
Marketing Manager, Welch ATM

“I think one of the things that we are going to see is that people when they walk into a branch there will be many, many less people. And many, many less branches certainly.”

— Jack Hubbard, Chairman
Chief Sales Officer, St. Meyer & Hubbard

“What it’s going to be about is experiential advisory learning. It’s not going to be about transactions. But there will always be a need for physical spaces in the post digital era that we’re in right now.”

— Gina Bleedorn
Executive Director, Adrenaline

“In 20 years banking will, if we’re not careful, look a lot like the health care industry. And that’s a dystopian future. Because if smaller banks don’t get smart about their marketing and about what consumers want in making a valuable product consumers are going to keep looking for these big banks that can offer the ATM network. Can offer that security and put all that marketing into the national brands. So it’s time for small banks to step up.”

— Melanie Friedrichs
Analyst, Andera (Bottomline Technologies)

“It is time for both banks and credit unions to prepare for the humanized digital economy. And for this to happen, the traditional financial services business model must evolve.”

— James Robert Lay
CEO, CU Grow

James Robert Lay is the CEO of CU Grow. CU Grow builds humanized digital marketing marketing and lead generation systems for progressive credit unions and banks to lower acquisition costs, increase share of wallet and improve operational efficiency.

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