2008: The Year in Review

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The 10 most-read stories at The Financial Brand in 2008 are (in order):

  1. Dallas credit union to launch Young & Free knockoff
  2. The Biggest List of Financial Slogans Ever
  3. When will the media’s infatuation with credit unions end?
  4. Credit union checking promo exploits ‘LOLCats’
  5. BNZ’s “Out of the Box” brand
  6. The media falls in love with credit unions
  7. The Top 50 Most Distinctive Credit Union Names
  8. 2008 credit union marketing budgets – too much, too little
  9. Don’t throw the TARP on credit unions
  10. Merged bank uses guerilla tactics to launch new brand

This year, The Financial Brand published 312 articles that were read a total of over 100,000 times, including

Other facts and stats about The Financial Brand in 2008:

  • One-half of The Financial Brand’s readers subscribes by RSS, the other half subscribes via the weekly bulletin.
  • Over 500 new subscribers were added between May and December
  • The average reader typically looks at 3 articles each visit
  • There was a total of 535 reader comments

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