Diebold Reinvents ATMs With Concierge Video Services

Missoula FCU pilots new Diebold video technology on existing ATMs to enhance member experiences.

Connecting ATM users with call center representatives right at the terminal, Diebold is transforming the ATM experience. Diebold “Concierge Video Services” brings video technology to the ATM to increase efficiencies and add value to self-service transactions. Missoula FCU is currently piloting the solution, which enables the credit union to visually connect with members to answer questions, fulfill marketing opportunities and process any call center-capable transactions from the ATM.

“Real-time video enhances the ATM experience for both consumers and financial institutions,” said Mychal D. Kempt, vice president, North American sales and service operations, Diebold. “Combined with Diebold’s advanced one-to-one marketing software, video enables face-to-face interactions tailored to each consumer. Such personal connections were previously available through limited banking channels.”

Offering face-to-face video interactions at Missoula FCU’s ATMs is the result of a partnership between Diebold and CO-OP Financial Services. Diebold is providing member identification and video services to support video capabilities, and CO-OP Financial Services is providing terminal driving capability and network access.

“Access to video support from the ATM provides greater personalized service and convenience,” said Stan Hollen, president and chief executive officer, CO-OP Financial Services. “This is a part of the multi-pronged approach we are taking to teller automation, which includes the CO-OP NextGen ATM, developed in partnership with Diebold, to bring shared branching and greater self-service capabilities to ATMs.”

Diebold’s Opteva ATM

Diebold Concierge Video Services lets financial institutions transform the self-service channel in three key ways: enhanced consumer service, expanded access to financial services experts and advanced targeted marketing efforts. The solution can be implemented directly into any Diebold Opteva ATM, which enabled Missoula FCU to pilot the service without making extensive hardware upgrades.

With Concierge Video Services consumers can connect via video to a call center representative to obtain support. Consumers are able to address issues that may have historically prevented successful completion of ATM-based transactions. They can also address service issues – such as account maintenance – that are not traditionally offered at the ATM. Immediate access to support at the ATM saves consumers time and enables financial institutions to migrate more transactions to the self-service channel.

Concierge Video Services also allows institutions to engage in one-to-one marketing using Diebold’s Agilis Campaign Office self-service marketing solution. For example, the software can remind an ATM user that a certificate of deposit will mature soon and give the consumer the option to connect to a representative via video to handle the renewal and pursue other sales opportunities.

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