Wells Fargo ATMs Can Predict What People Want

Using predictive analytics, Wells Fargo’s new ATMs present customers with an array of touchscreen buttons all based on their previous transactions and preferences.

Wells Fargo is rolling out new ATMs that boast a layout that’s faster and easier for customers to use. The ATM interface has been completely redesigned, featuring a sleek, modern design.

The highlights? An array of “favorites,” five buttons based on the customer’s ATM usage and preferences, and a optional “Balance Dashboard” with at-a-glance balances (if the customer chooses).

When a Wells Fargo customer inserts their card into the ATM and successfully enters their PIN, the customer’s account balances appears automatically on-screen — a helpful feature telling those consumers who frequently flirt with a zero balance how much they can withdraw.

On the main screen, the ATM presents two green buttons, both customized specifically for each customer based on previous transactions. If, for instance, a customer makes frequent deposits into their family checking account and opt for no receipt, that becomes one of the green buttons. If the customer always withdraws $60, that’s a button too.

Immediately below the two big green buttons are three more black buttons, also customized to reflect each customers’ common ATM behaviors.

Putting buttons right on the homepage for what customers do most is smart UX, and it saves consumers time.

Wells Fargo smartly saved some screen space — the lower left portion of the screen (about 30% of it) — for its own advertisements.

Wells Fargo – ‘Know You Better’ ATMs
To see how these new ATMs look and work, check out this short demo video.

One nice bonus is that customers have options for how they’d like their receipts. Customers can either have a receipt emailed to them, sent to their Wells Fargo online banking inbox, print one like the old days, or forego a receipt altogether.

ATM Cash Tracker, a proprietary Wells Fargo tool that helps customers manage their finances, will now automatically appear on the main ATM screen. This feature allows customers to visually track their monthly Wells Fargo ATM withdrawals.

Customers can also set a monthly withdrawal target and can view details about how much they withdrew the prior month and their average over the past 12 months.

“We redesigned our ATMs based on what customers tell us they want — quicker, easier, and more convenient,” said Alicia Moore, head of Wells Fargo ATM Banking. “The ATMs really know you better.”

“It’s not just about putting colors together and putting a design together,” she said in an interview with American Banker. “It’s about creating, and continuing to create, an experience.”

The new interface is currently available on more than 500 of Wells Fargo’s 12,000 ATMs, with plans to have a system-wide rollout completed by May 2013.

Wells Fargo says it the first and only U.S. bank to offer this service to its customers.

Wells Fargo has $1.4 trillion in assets and 9,000 branch locations.

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