Branch Showcase: 12 Concept Designs From Around The World

Here is a collection of fascinating and innovative retail branch concepts from banks and credit unions -- nearly 100 photos of a dozen different projects spanning the globe, from the U.S., Australia, Canada, France, Sweden, Japan, Poland, South Africa, Brazil, Bulgaria and Slovakia.

ING – Ode to Orange

The new interior standard of ING Bank Slaski outlets in Poland was created by Medusaindustry. The interior has been divided into three access areas significantly facilitating orientation of customers in the bank. Without using the traditional partition walls, the design still manages to separate self-service banking, the customer service zone and support areas. The use of mobile and modular interior elements allows for a flexible arrangement to suite different needs. Other highlights include:

Teller Pods – Box-shaped, modular customer service stations. If needed, the boxes can be discreetly hidden to gain more space (for special functions and seminars).

Meeting Rooms – The design accommodates two different levels of privacy. Semi-private conference spaces are wrapped with sheer orange fabric that can be drawn to create a more intimate setting. Private meeting rooms are still visible from inside the main retail space, but are acoustically separated.

Cool Lamps – Ceilings are covered by custom designed cylindrical lamps tightly adjoining one another. Some lamps are used to deliver marketing messages, with ad images placed at the bottom of the lampshade.

Floor Signage – Wayfinding signage starts by the entrance and takes the form of a branched tree. The starting point says “welcome” and branches out from there, directing visitors to the various zones within the space.










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