Branch Showcase: 12 Concept Designs From Around The World

Here is a collection of fascinating and innovative retail branch concepts from banks and credit unions -- nearly 100 photos of a dozen different projects spanning the globe, from the U.S., Australia, Canada, France, Sweden, Japan, Poland, South Africa, Brazil, Bulgaria and Slovakia.

Conestoga Bank – Bankwerx

Conestoga Bank completely remodeled its Walnut Street branch, turning it into a sleek, open design that eliminates the traditional teller counter… but not the tellers altogether. The new Bankwerx branch features Personal Teller Machines from video banking provider uGenius. Bankwerx is also utilizing uGenius’ SmartOffice to streamline the process for initiating new accounts, closing loans, investments and mortgages — all through real-time video. When a customer is interested in other banking services, including leasing, SBA, or mortgages, they have immediate access to experts using Ugenius SmartOffice technology.

The Bankwerx concept is more than just a branch. It’s “a whole new way of banking,” as Conestoga puts it. The bank even made an unconventional microsite to support the initiative.









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