14 Breakthrough Branch Designs From Banks & Credit Unions

This massive gallery includes over 100 photos of 14 different branch projects from banks, credit unions and building societies around the globe — ideas and inspiration you can use for your next branch design project. Please note: The gallery is divided into three separate pages. Use the page numbers below to navigate to each page. You can click on any image to enlarge it.

11. Mashreq – Staffless iBranch

Mashreq introduced its “iMashreq” branch concept of self-service banking for its customers in the UAE. The new branch allows customers to make banking transactions without having to interact with staff.

The branch leverages video conferencing to provide specialized advice to visitors, and offers the latest generation virtual teller machines and ATM experiences.

Opening a bank account, making a utility payment or applying for a new credit card can be all done on the spot using digital devices placed in the branch. Customers can even print their check books on the spot.

Design Credit: David Horton

12. TSB – Neighborhood Branch Experience

The experience is designed around three distinct zones: Transact, Consult and Explore. These areas help create clarity for branch visitors, while also shifting the employees’ mindset from product sales to customer service. An interactive touchscreen and a stand offering free umbrellas are both informal conversation touchpoints for partners with customers.

Design Credit: Household Design

13. Nationwide Building Society – Flagship Concept Store

This space is designed to help consumers with their financial well-being, and aims to address people’s anxieties surrounding money. The concept affords varying levels of interaction in four distinct service zones: Conversation, Convenience, Community and Consultation.

The interiors have a homey, eclectic feel divergent from the ‘stiff office’ aesthetic of traditional banks. Furniture, greenery and natural textured surfaces build a sense of warmth. Exposed brickwork was chosen for its symbolic value, linking back to houses and property (a product at the core of Nationwide’s strategic foundation).

Each branch also features a community lounge for a variety of local activities. Members can book the space to host small interest-group gatherings, read or share on the community notice board, chat to trained staff, or simply relax, read a book and sip on a beverage.

Design Credit: Dalziel Pow

14. Arion Bank – Experiential Branch Design

This strategy behind this concept was to move away from a transactional, process-driven approach and instead create an experiential environment. The branch shuns traditional counters, and the flexible and reconfigurable space feels more like an Apple store than your typical bank, incorporating experiences that are digitally seamless and integrated with other channels.

Design Credit: M Worldwide

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