The Umpqua Bank Strategy

In just over a decade, Umpqua Bank went from $140 million to $25 billion in assets. Hear first-hand how they became one of the best brands in the financial industry.

Lani Hayward, EVP/Creative Strategies at Umpqua Bank, reveals the secrets fueling the success of one of the strongest and most admired brands in the financial industry. Lani was the keynote speaker at The Financial Brand Forum 2014, where she shared the Umpqua Bank strategy, and this was the top-rated session. In this live-streaming, instant-playback webinar, Lani explores:

  • Umpqua Bank’s brand strategy and internal culture
  • How the bank grew from $140 million in assets in 1995 to over $22 billion today
  • How to revolutionize and reinvent the banking experience
  • The strategy behind Umpqua Bank’s branch locations — their retail “stores”
  • How to stay local and keep a community focus while growing exponentially
  • What it takes to engineer a breakthrough banking experience
  • How to sync staff with your brand
  • How Umpqua draws upon the best practices of successful retail brands
  • Why commercial/business banks need a strong retail brand

Forum 2014 Flashback – The Umpqua Bank Strategy

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