Redneck Bank Is Sure to Git Yer Attention

This ain’t no joke. Honest to gosh, Redneck Bank is fer real.

Redneck, the online direct division of Bank of Wichitas, caters to a “Larry the Cable Guy” crowd — you know, those folks who need to take care of “personal bankin’ bid’ness,” as the Redneck site puts it.

Indeed the site is drenched in redneck vernacular. It is, after all, “100% internet bankin!”

  • “Git yer redneck checkcard now!”
  • “Nuttin’ to sign, fax or mail.”
  • “Got yer account number?”
  • “Check yer balance.”

With Redneck, you only git three basic accounts to choose from:

  1. Rewards Checking (shoulda bin called “Rewards Checkin”) paying 5.25%
  2. Mega Money Market with a 3.10% APY
  3. “You’re Approved Checking — a “second chance” checking account

Bank of the Wichitas, a self-described “country bank” in its own right, first applied for a trademark on the “Redneck” name in the fall of 2006. By the end of 2007, the bank had a website live at

“We enjoy a good laugh, but taking care of your banking needs is no laughing matter,” the bank says. “Redneck Bank is here with experience and good old-fashioned service.”

Analysis: This is — without a doubt — one of the most distinctive brands in the financial industry. There is all kinds of creative material to work with using redneck themes and language. But how will consumers respond to a glib and cheeky financial brand, especially during these economically turbulent times?

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