Over 130+ PowerPoint Infographics For Financial Marketers

Need to make an internal presentation to a bank or credit union team? This downloadable collection includes over 130 different charts and graphs published by The Financial Brand in the past year.

Every year, The Financial Brand creates hundreds of charts and graphs for inclusion in articles we publish. Over 130 of the best from last year have been packed into a giant, free downloadable file. This will make it much more convenient and easier for you to build financial marketing presentations in the upcoming year. And here’s a bonus: This year, all the charts are provided as PDF files, which makes it easier for you to insert them into either Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

We’ve given you a list below with all the different infographics you’ll get in this year’s collection, followed by a visual preview showing a sample of what the charts and graphs look like. You can also download previous years’ collections.

2016 Charts & Graphs Pack

130 files | 4.8 MB zipped | 10.4 MB extracted

2015 Charts & Graphs Pack

210 files | 7.3 MB zipped | 7.5 MB extracted

2014 Charts & Graphs Pack

107 files | 8.1 MB zipped | 9.4 MB extracted

2013 Charts & Graphs Pack

120+ files | 6.6 MB zipped | 7.5 MB extracted

Strategic Planning (14 files)

Biggest Threats To Growth In Banking
Community Banks Greatest Challenges to Growth
Composition of Employees at Todays Banking Organizations
Drivers of Growth at Community Banks
Estimated Number of Banks Per 10000 People 1935 to 2014
How Banks Plan To Grow In The Next 12 Months
How Community Banks Leverage Data Analytics
Investment Priorities for Community Banks
IT Priorities for Community Banks
Number of Banks in the US 1985 vs. 2010
Opportunities Financial Institutions Are Most Enthusiastic About
Pain Points In Financial Institutions Sales Activities
Performance Gaps in Banking By Importance of Attribute
Primary Drivers Of Bank Profitability In The Past Year

Switching & Acquisition (16 files)

Big Bank Customers Thinking About Switching
Biggest Sources For Customer Acquisition In Banking
Checking Account Status of Switchers
Consumer Likelihood To Switch Banking Providers
Financial Institutions’ Success Assessing New Customer Needs
How Mobile Banking Affects Consumers Choice of Banking Provider
Most Important Factors When Consumers Switch Banks
Number of Financial Institutions Considered
Preferred Channels For Opening New Accounts
Reasons Consumers Chose Current Checking Account
Reasons Consumers Picked Their Current Banking Provider
Reasons Consumers Think About Switching Banking Providers
Reasons Consumers Would Choose Another Institution
Reasons Millennials Selected Their Checking Account
Service Related Reasons Consumers Switch Banks
Where Consumers Would Bank Next If They Switched

Delivery Channels & UX (12 files)

Change In Customer Experience By Region 2014 vs. 2015
Channels Used To Access Banking Accounts
Consumers Comfortable With Self-Service Banking Solutions
How Banking Executives Define Omnichannel Delivery
How Financial Institutions Can Improve The Buying Experience
How Financial Institutions Will Improve Their Customer Experience
Institutions Offering PFM
Number of Interaction Consumers Have With Their Main Bank Per Month By Delivery Channel
Obstacles Preventing More Frequent Use Of Digital Channels
Omnichannel Defined By Asset Size
Percentage Of Sales Banks Generate Via Digital Channels
Preferred Channel By Transaction Type

Mobile Channel (17 files)

Consumers Most Common Mobile Banking Activities
Consumers Using Mobile Banking Regularly
Consumers Using Smartphones To Make Purchases In Retail Stores
Consumers Who Have Downloaded Their Institution’s Mobile App
Financial Institutions’ Barriers To Offering Mobile Payments
Location Of Mobile Phone When Consumers Fall Asleep
Methods Used To Make Mobile Bill Payments
Mobile Alerts Received By Banking Consumers
Mobile Banking Usage Habits for Multi-device Owners
Most Common Mobile Banking Activities
New Remote Banking Activities Consumers Are Performing
Percentage of Consumers Using Mobile Banking Features
Reasons Consumers Don’t Use Mobile Payments
Reasons Financial Institutions Offer Mobile Payments
Smartphone Owners Making Mobile Bill Payments
Where Americans Use Mobile Banking Services

Branches (16 files)

Annual Budget For Digital Signage Systems In Branches
Average Number of Monthly Transactions Per Branch
Average Transactions Processed Per Teller Hour Worked
Branch Users Satisfaction And Referral Rates
Change in the Number of US Bank Branches
Consumers Who Feel Branches Are Still Critical
Consumers Who Visit A Branch At Least Once Per Month
Cost of Teller Labor Per Transaction
Frequency Of Branch Visits
How Branch Strategies Will Change Next Year
How Consumers Would React If Their Bank Branch Closed
Number of Branches Closed Since 2008
Number of US Bank Branches 1989 Through 2014
Online And Mobile Banking Users Who Have Visited A Branch
Types Of Content Used In Digital Signage Systems
Types Of Digital Signage Financial Institutions Have In Branches

Marketing (10 files)

Changes In US Financial Institutions’ Ad Budgets
Digital Ad Spending In Banking By Device
Digital Ad Spending In Banking By Objective
Digital Ad Spending In Banking
Effectiveness Of Digital Marketing Channels
Google AdWords Strategy Shifts In The Banking Industry
Impact Of Social Media Marketing On Business Performance
Most Pressing Business Challenges Facing Marketers Today
Projected Ad Spending On Social Networks Per User
Top 5 Areas For Increased Marketing Spending

Millennials (7 files)

Do Banks Have The Products To Serve Millennials
Millennial Channel Preferences By Banking Activity
Millennial Switching Triggers
Millennials Top Digital Banking Activities
Millennials Who Will Switch If They Cant Bank On Their Phone
Mobile Devices Millennials Use For Banking
Why Millennials Shop For New Checking Accounts

Product Utilization & Engagement (12 files)

Average Number of Revenue Generating Services With Primary Financial Institution
Consumers Who Feel They Would Be Approved For A Mortgage
Customer Likelihood to Add Products By Engagement Level
Frequency With Which Consumers Utilize Their Main Bank
Product Penetration Rates For Digital Banking Consumers
Product Usage Among Consumers With Core Banking Relationships
Reasons Consumers Save Money
Savings Rates For US Consumers
Student Loan Balances By Age Group
Top 5 Reasons Consumers Save Money
Value Added Services Consumers Want From Banking Providers
When Consumers Prefer to Activate EBills

Satisfaction & Loyalty (7 files)

Customer Loyalty By Region 2014 vs. 2015
Customer Loyalty Levels in Banking
Drivers of Consumer Satisfaction With Banks
Likelihood Consumers Will Recommend Their Primary Bank By Institution
Net Promoter Scores For The 10 Biggest US Banks
Percentage of Annual Attrition By Cause
Reasons Consumers Are Satisfied With Their Primary Bank

Consumer Data – Sentiment & Preferences (14 files)

Consumer Apathy And Indifference Towards Banking
Consumer Confidence in Banks Ability to Understand Their Needs
Consumers Spending More Or Less Of Their Annual Income
Consumers Who Feel Their Bank Knows Them
Consumers Who Feel Their Bank Only Has Its Interests In Mind
Consumers Who Think Their Bank Is Proactive And On Their Side
Economic Hardships Suffered By US Consumers
First Thing Consumers Think About In The Morning
How Consumers Feel About Their Primary Banking Provider
How Consumers View Their Relationship With Their Primary Banking Provider
How Much Consumers Think Their Bank Knows About Them
Percentage Of Unbanked And Underbanked Consumers By Income
Percentage Of Women Worried About Going Broke
US Population By Generation

Innovation & Disruption (6 files)

Banking Industry Awareness of Outside Disruptors
Barriers Preventing Consumer Adoption of Fintech Solutions
Biggest Impediments to Fintech Companies
Challenges Working With Fintech Startups
Non Bank Competitors Financial Institutions Worry About Most
Reasons Consumers Adopt Fintech Solutions


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