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2018 Charts & Graphs Master Pack

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2017 Charts & Graphs Master Pack (256 files | 9.1 MB zipped | 18.9 MB extracted)

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Digital Banking and Data Analytics (36 files)

  • Adoption of Data Analytics Strategies By Size of Institution
  • Adoption of Digital Banking Tools and Solutions
  • Advanced Digital Banking Features That Interest Consumers Most
  • Biggest Data Challenges Facing Traditional Financial Institutions
  • Breakdown of Digital Banking Consumers By Channel Usage
  • Consumer Interest in Applying for Loans Online
  • Consumer Interest In Virtual or Branchless Banking
  • Consumer Interest in Voice Banking Technology
  • Consumer Interest in Voice Banking
  • Consumer Satisfaction With Mobile Banking
  • Consumer Satisfaction With Online Banking
  • Consumer Sentiment About Digital Banking Features
  • Consumer Utilization of Mobile Photo Check Deposit
  • Consumers Using Digital-Only Banking Providers
  • Consumers Who Have Installed Their Bank’s Mobile App
  • Consumers Who Trust AI Powered Robots
  • Digital Money Movement By Generation
  • Financial Institutions Capable of Opening Accounts on Mobile Devices
  • Financial Institutions Leveraging Artificial Intelligence
  • Financial Institutions’ Attitudes Towards Artificial Intelligence
  • Fintech Adoption By Age
  • Fintech Adoption Rates By Country
  • How Consumers Feel About Automation and AI
  • Millennials Conducting Mobile Transactions in the Past 30 Days
  • Mobile Banking Features Consumers Have Used in the Past Six Months
  • PFM Usage By Generation
  • Problems Facing Financial Institutions Trying to Leverage Big Data
  • Reasons Consumers Prefer Fintech Providers Over Banks
  • Reasons Why Consumers Don’t Use Mobile Banking
  • The Data Science Hierarchy of Needs
  • Trust in Traditional Banking Providers vs. Fintech Alternatives
  • Types of Accounts Financial Institutions Allow Consumers to Open Digitally
  • Usage of Mobile Banking Features By Generation
  • Use of Voice Data Assistants By Age
  • What Consumers Store in Mobile Wallets
  • Why Consumers Use Fintech Providers Instead of Traditional Institutions

Retail Banking Strategy and CX (30 files)

  • Average Investment Into New Branches vs. New Websites
  • Banking Providers Top Three Growth Priorities
  • Banking Providers Top Three Retail Delivery Priorities
  • Banking Providers Top Three Risk Management Priorities
  • Channel Consumers Prefer Most When Interacting With Their Primary Institution
  • Channels Consumers Prefer for Daily Transactions
  • Consumers Top Banking Service Concerns
  • Consumers Who Regret Trying to Open an Account Online
  • Consumers Who Say Branch Access is Very Important
  • Consumers Who Say Their Bank Helps Them Reach Their Financial Goals
  • Consumers Who Understand What Their Bank Offers
  • CX Projects Financial Institutions Find Most Challenging
  • Digital Banking Consumers Who Have Attempted to Open an Account Online
  • Financial Institutions With a Formal CX Program
  • Financial Institutions’ Top Priorities for CX Improvements
  • Greatest Threats to the US Banking Industry
  • How Consumers Feel Their Banks’ CX Has Changed in the Last Year
  • How Mobile Banking Usage Impacts Branch Visits
  • How Often Consumers Interact With Their Banking Provider
  • Impact of Financial Institutions CX Initiatives
  • Most Important Trends in the Retail Banking Industry
  • Preferred Retail Banking Channel By Age
  • Reasons Why Consumers Did Not Complete an Online Application
  • Retail Banking Channels Consumers Accessed in Last 30 Days
  • Retail Banking Providers Strategic Investment Priorities
  • Time Required to Open an Account Online
  • Top Problems Consumers Experience When Calling Their Banking Provider
  • Top Strategic Priorities for Retail Banking Providers in 2018
  • What Consumers Want From Banking Providers vs. What They Get
  • Where Personalization in Banking is Most Important

Digital Transformation (16 files)

  • Attitudes of Banking Executives About Digital Transformation
  • Banking Executives Who Say Traditional Branch Models Will Be Dead
  • Banking Providers Most Significant Digital Challenges
  • Barriers to Digital Transformation in Banking
  • Biggest Challenges Facing Fintechs
  • Biggest Competitive Threats Facing the Banking Industry
  • CEOs Who Say Their Financial Institution is Digitally Ready
  • Drivers of Traditional Financial Institutions’ Digital Investments
  • Financial Institutions Digital Readiness
  • Financial Institutions That Have Partnered With a Fintech Firm
  • Financial Institutions’ Digital Transformation Priorities
  • How Digital Banking Can Increase Net Operating Profit
  • How Financial Institutions Define Digital
  • How Financial Services Are Being Unbundled
  • Impact of Digital Disruption in Banking By Line of Business
  • Top Obstacles to Digital Transformation

Marketing Strategy (24 files)

  • Average Cost Per Lead By Type of Company
  • Average Number of Email Campaigns Sent Per Month
  • Average Read Rate For Email Marketing Messages
  • Biggest Digital Marketing Opportunity in the Coming Year
  • Critical Factors Shaping Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Digital Marketing Drivers of Acquisition for Financial Brands
  • Email Elements Marketers Test
  • Financial Service Emails Opened By Device
  • Financial Services Emails Opened By Day of The Week
  • How Digital Marketing Budgets Will Change in the Coming Year
  • How Financial Marketers Plan to Achieve Differentiation in the Next Five Years
  • How Marketers Rate The ROI of Various Channels
  • How Marketing Works With Other Teams and Departments
  • Marketers Aligning Marketing Roles to a Customer Journey Strategy
  • Martech Tools That Marketers Use or Plan to Use
  • Media Channels Still Around 10 Years From Now
  • Number of Brand Consumers Receive Email From
  • Number of Martech Tools Used Regularly
  • Number of Social Media Posts Published Per Bank Per Quarter
  • Number of Social Media Videos Published Per Bank
  • Percentage of Banks Paying to Promote Content on Facebook
  • Time Spent Reading Financial Services Emails By Device
  • Top Three Digital Marketing Priorities in the Coming Year
  • What Marketers Need to Leverage Their Martech Stack

Branches (23 files)

  • Average Branch Size in Square Feet
  • Average Number of Branches Per Bank (1976 Through 2016)
  • Average Number of Employees Per New Branch
  • Average Size of Branches By Region
  • Bank and Credit Union Branch Distribution Plans
  • Bank Branches Per 100,000 Adults in the United States
  • Branch Appointments By Product or Service Need
  • Deposit Volume Relative to Branch Density
  • How Many Branches Banking Providers Are Adding
  • How Many Institutions Are Adding More Branches
  • How Many Institutions Are Remodeling Branches
  • Last Time Consumers Said They Visited a Branch
  • Most Popular Self–Service Technologies For Branches
  • Technologies Banking Providers Would Like to Put in Branches
  • Technologies Offered in Branches Today
  • Total Visits to Branches By Day
  • Total Visits to Branches By Hour
  • Type of New Branches Banking Providers Are Adding
  • Value of Branches to Banks and Credit Unions
  • What Financial Institutions Want Their Branch Design to Communicate
  • Where Banking Providers Are On The Digital Branch Transformation Spectrum
  • Who Is Responsible For Decisions About Branch Projects
  • Why Branches Are Important

Checking Accounts and Switching (15 files)

  • Consumers Most Likely to Continue Banking With Their Primary Institution
  • Consumers Who Have Switched Banking Providers in the Last Five Years
  • Consumers Who Have Switched For a Higher Rate
  • Consumers Who Would Switch Banking Providers Over a Bad Service Experience
  • Consumers’ Channel Preferences When Shopping For and Opening Checking Accounts
  • Factors Important to Consumers When Choosing a New Checking Provider
  • Factors Most Likely to Prompt People to Switch Banking Providers
  • Features Most Important When Consumers Choose a New Checking Account
  • Generational Distribution Among Banking Providers
  • Millennial Familiarity With Megabanks and Community Banks
  • Millennials Who Would Switch for Better Rewards
  • Number of Different Financial Institutions Consumers Currently Use
  • Reasons Why Consumers Chose Their Most Recent Banking Provider
  • Total Deposits of All Commercial Banking in the United States
  • Type of Banking Provider Consumers Most Recently Switched To

Payments (14 files)

  • Best Features Consumers Say a Card Can Offer
  • Card Features Consumers Find Most Attractive
  • Consumer Interest in Consolidating All Payment Cards
  • Consumers Who Made P2P Payments in the Last 30 Days
  • Consumers Who Say They Will Never Go Completely Cashless
  • Consumers Who Say They Would Go Completely Cashless
  • Digital Wallet Features Consumers Want Most
  • Drivers of Structural Change in the Payments Space
  • Payment Methods Consumers Prefer Most
  • Reasons Why Consumers Didn’t Apply for Credit Cards After Shopping Online
  • Share of Transaction Volume By Type of Payment
  • Types of Voice Payments Consumers Make
  • Where Consumers Like Using Mobile Payments
  • Why Consumer Don’t Use P2P Payments

Business Banking and Business Lending (8 files)

  • Distribution of Small Business Banking Relationships Among Large Institutions
  • Distribution of Small Business Banking Relationships By Type of Institution
  • Factors Critical to Small Businesses Banking Relationships
  • Reasons Why Business Loans Where Denied
  • Reasons Why Business Won’t Use Community Banks or Credit Unions
  • Small Business Satisfaction Levels With Lenders
  • Types of Financial Challenges Facing Small Businesses
  • Usage of Online Banking Among Small Businesses

Credit Unions (12 files)

  • Consumers Using Credit Unions as Their PFI
  • Consumers Who Don’t Think Credit Unions Offer Mobile or Online Banking
  • Consumers Who Don’t Think Credit Unions Offer Mortgages
  • Consumers Who Say It Is Difficult to Join a Credit Union
  • Do Banks Offer More Products and Services Than Credit Unions
  • Do Credit Unions Care More About People Than Banks
  • Do People Know Credit Unions Are Not–for–Profit
  • How Often Credit Union Members Visit a Branch
  • How Often Credit Union Members Visit Branches
  • Non–Members Who Are Unfamiliar With Credit Unions
  • Obstacles to Joining a Credit Union
  • People Who Think They Can’t Join a Credit Union

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