107 PowerPoint Infographics For Financial Marketing Presentations

Need to make a presentation to an internal bank or credit union team? This downloadable collection of 107 different charts and graphs published at The Financial Brand will come in handy.

Every year, The Financial Brand creates hundreds of charts and graphs for inclusion in articles we publish. Over 100 of the best from 2013 have been crammed into a giant downloadable “PowerPoint Master Pack” file. This should make it much more convenient and easier for you to build financial marketing presentations this year. You’ll see a list with all the different infographics you’ll get below, followed by a visual preview showing you what many of the diagrams look like. You can also download last year’s collection with 120+ charts and graphs here.

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Checking & Deposits – 17 files

  • Top 8 Reasons Consumers Switch Checking Accounts
  • 10 Reasons Consumers Change Checking Providers
  • Breakdown of Checking Account Switching Triggers
  • Importance of Branch/ATM Access Among Checking Account Switchers
  • Checking Account Features Consumers Want
  • Checking Account Features Consumers Demand Most
  • Consumers Switching to Avoid Checking Account Fees
  • Availability of Free Checking By Size of Institution
  • Monthly Banking Fees Paid By Consumers
  • Time Consumers Spend Banking Every Month
  • Type of Checking Account Selected by Consumers Who Chose a Smaller Institution
  • Relative Importance of Unlimited Check Writing
  • Reasons Why Consumers Choose Reloadable Debit Cards
  • Top Reasons Affluent Consumers Switch Checking Accounts
  • Seasonality of Student Checking Accounts
  • Consumer Savings Trends 2013
  • Consumer Savings Habits 2013

Online Channel – 19 files

  • Digital Marketing Tactics Used by Financial Marketers (2013)
  • Role of Online/Mobile Banking in 5 Years
  • Banking Products Acquired Online By Consumers In 2013
  • Consumer Satisfaction With Banking Websites
  • Banking Website Usability Comparison
  • Social Media Channels Actively Used by Banks
  • Consumer Sentiment About Banks & Credit Unions in Social Channels
  • Banking Services Provided by Institutions on Facebook
  • Percentage of Negative Comments on Bank & Credit Union Facebook Pages
  • Consumers Most Important Online/Mobile Banking Activities
  • Top 7 Reasons Why Consumers Abandon Online Checking Account Applications
  • Outcome of Online Checking Account Applications
  • Online Banking Penetration (2000 – 2013)
  • Consumers Using Online Banking (Last 7 Days)
  • How Fast Consumers Expect Online/Mobile Sites to Load
  • Frequency of Online/Mobile Banking Visits
  • Penetration of Personal Financial Management (PFM) Tools in the U.S.
  • PFM Features Consumers Desire Most
  • Consumers Level of Comfort Sharing Personal Data with Banking Online

Mobile Channel – 13 files

  • Banking Products That Consumers Research on Mobile Devices
  • Accounts Acquired After Mobile Consumers Research Banking Products
  • Consumers Who Applied for Banking Product Via a Mobile Device
  • Mobile Banking Penetration (2011 – 2013)
  • Consumers Using Mobile Banking (Last 7 Days)
  • Desired Branch Proximity Among Mobile Consumers
  • Consumer Satisfaction With Major Mobile Banking Providers
  • Consumer Concerns With Mobile Banking
  • How Consumers Paid Bills Using Their Mobile Phones
  • Average Amount of Payments Made Using a Smartphone
  • Percentage of Consumers Making Smartphone Payments by Age
  • Percentage of Consumers Paying Bills Using Mobile Phones (Last 30 Days)
  • Importance of Mobile Banking Among Bank Switchers

Retail Delivery – 17 files

  • Average Number of Transactions Conducted Per Channel Per Month
  • Consumers Forced to Use a Channel Other Than Their Preference (By Activity)
  • 75-Year Timeline of Payments Innovations
  • Digital Channel Preferences (Smartphone/Tablet vs. Desktop)
  • Consumers Who Can Imagine Banking All-Digitally in the Future
  • Data Consumers Will Share for a More Personalized Experience
  • Consumer Perceptions of Mobile Wallets
  • Consumer Security Concerns About Mobile Wallets
  • Consumer Liikelihood to Adopt Mobile Wallets
  • Who Consumers Trust Most to Provide Mobile Wallets
  • Who Consumers Pay When Making P2P Payments
  • Consumer Interest In Video Banking Services
  • Video Chat Conferencing Adoption By Asset Tier
  • Video Chat Usage By Age Group
  • Average Call Center Wait Times Among Banks & Credit Unions
  • Median Call Center Wait Times For U.S. Financial Institutions
  • Percentage of Financial Institutions With No Call Center Hold Times

Marketing & Branding – 20 files

  • Size of Bank & Credit Union Marketing Budgets 2013
  • Bank & Credit Union Marketing Budget Challenges
  • Bank & Credit Union Marketing Budget ROI Metrics
  • Allocation of Financial Marketing Budgets
  • Consumer Trust in the Financial Industry
  • How Media Influences Decisions & Behaviors of Banking Consumers
  • Brand Management Practices Among Banks & Credit Unions
  • Where Consumers Acquired Financial Products In 2013
  • Which Channels Consumers Think Banks Should Invest In
  • Volume of Consumer Complaints About Banking Received By CFPB (2012 – 2013)
  • Consumer Complaints About Banking Institutions
  • Consumer Complaints About Banking Products
  • Consumer Attitudes About Their Banking Behaviors
  • Consumer Perceptions of Corporate Cultures at Banks
  • How Consumers Feel About Banks Ability to Mine Data
  • Consumers Who Left After a Bank Merger
  • Consumers Who Stayed After a Bank Merger
  • How Financial Institutions Define Customer Segments
  • Financial Institutions Targeting Specific Customer Segments
  • Consumer Perceptions of Banking Providers

Branch Channel – 21 files

  • Branch Transaction Volumes (1992 – 2013)
  • Branches Per Million People (1940 – 2013)
  • Expected Decline in Branch Transaction Volume in Next 5 Years
  • Size of Branch Networks Predicted in 5 Years
  • 5 Year Branch Utilization And Network Density Trends
  • Channel Preferences Among Branch Users
  • Frequency of Branch Visits
  • Consumers Who Say Branch Proximity Is Crucial (By Age & Gender)
  • Importance of Branch Proximity to Bank Switchers
  • Desired Branch Proximity Among Bank Switchers
  • How Consumers Feel About Branches When Switching Banks
  • Consumers Willing to Open a New Account Without Going to a Branch
  • Branch Avoiders
  • Average Square Footage of New Branches
  • Average Branch Square Footage Per Full Time Employee
  • Average Transactions Per Teller Hour
  • Average Teller Transactions Per Branch
  • How Frequently Financial Institutions Assess Branch Network Efficiency
  • Penetration of Digital Signage in the Financial Industry
  • How Frequently Financial Marketers Update Digital Signage Content
  • Digital Signage Challenges for Financial Marketers




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