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12 Technology Trends Shaping Financial Marketing

Here are some of the major innovations and significant online/technology trends that financial marketers should watch in the coming years. (Please note: This is by no means intended to be a comprehensive or definitive list.) What do you think will be a major trend shaping financial marketing in 2010 and beyond? Please leave your thoughts […]

‘Find Me a Banker’: A Website That’s Like Match.com for Banking

Reviewed and written by Jeff Stephens, CEO/Creative Brand Communications In the summer of 2009, Bank of Utah knew one of its competitors, a community bank with many business customers, was struggling and facing likely action from the FDIC. Bank of Utah saw an opportunity to capture new business from the anticipated fallout, and thus was […]

Fighting Axe Grinders and Their Online Vendettas

The Scenario Someone feels they’ve been mistreated by your financial institution. They’re pissed off, so they launch a hard-hitting online vendetta against you, centering around a new blog or website. They pull no punches, bitterly and ferociously ripping into you. They keep pushing your buttons trying to get a response. If/when thtey do get a […]

Members Help Members in USAA’s Online Website Forum

Reviewed and written by Jeff Stephens, CEO/Creative Brand Communications San Antonio-based USAA Savings Bank, which provides financial services to military personnel and their families, recently ended two months of weekly sweepstakes to promote their new Member 2 Member forum. Within USAA’s website, members can use the Member 2 Member forum to ask and answer questions, […]

Commerzbank Blends Brands Following Merger

“A strong company needs a strong brand.” — Commerzbank When the third-largest bank in Germany merged with the second-largest, it left a big question: What to do about the brands? Easy. Pair the logo from one with the name and color of the other, and…whammy! You have a new brand that, well, actually works pretty […]

Guam Credit Union Becomes Coast360

Any CU can rebrand themselves — especially from an acronym to something truly creative. Here's how Guam Credit Union's rebranded itself.

‘Cash In’ With a TV Commercial Contest

Servus Credit Union, the third largest in Canada, has just about wrapped up its “Cash in with Your Camcorder” promotion, a make-your-own-TV-commercial contest highlighting the financial institution’s signature Young & Free Chequing Account. The promotion is part of the credit union’s Young & Free Alberta initiative, a broad, multi-year “challenge marketing program” from Currency Marketing […]

Four Things Your Brand Must Be

Four principles serve as the underpinning for every great brand: differentiation, relevancy, credibility and irreproducibility.

Guerilla Good Deeds Promote New Branch

In the weeks leading up to the grand opening of AltaOne Federal Credit Union latest branch, the credit union sent out a street team to conduct random acts of kindness. The hitch? No one knew AltaOne was behind the good deeds. AltaOne waited to uncloak themselves until the night of the grand opening. For four […]