Credit Union ‘Capture The Tag’ Promo Returns for a Second Run

O Bee Credit Union ($157 million in assets) invites smartphone users to participate in a digital scavenger hunt built on Microsoft Tag technology. The promotion offers $15,000 in prize money, and a special party will be thrown for those contestants who collect all of the “tags.”

Last year’s “Capture The Tag” engaged a wide internet-connected mobile phone users to round up Microsoft Tag and video-based clues in pursuit of cash prizes and free iPads. The tags were evenly distributed across 20 retail businesses and other high traffic locations in the credit union’s local area.

This year, Capture The Tag is back for an encore. The updated version of the contest incorporates online tags in addition to those placed in physical locations.

This digital contest is very loosely based on the popular summer camp game “Capture The Flag.” However, in this version, “Capture The Tag” participants armed with their smartphones scan and collect Microsoft tags, 2D barcodes that connect real world objects to information and interactive experiences when scanned via the tag reader app.

The tags — 30 in all — play videos on participants’ smart phones giving them clues to the location of the next Tag, along with personal finance tips and advice.

Participating businesses can offer their own discounts and incentives as part of “Capture The Tag,” but no purchase is required to participate. Clues and contest information will also be featured on the sites of all the co-sponsors, as well as the “Capture The Tag” Facebook page (98 ‘Likes’) and Twitter account. (Note: The Financial Brand was unable to locate the promotion’s Twitter account. There is no link to any social media channels for “Capture the Tag” on the credit union’s website nor its microsite.)

Everyone who collects all 20 business tags is invited to an end-of-contest Tag Party where prizes will be awarded. The credit union will hold a drawing at the party to determine winners. First place is a cool $10,000 cash. Second place is $3,000. and third is $2,000. Five other entrants will win an Apple iPad. Contestants must be present at the party to participate in the prize drawing.

The promotion runs May 4th through June 22th, 2012.

O Bee Credit Union, who developed the contest, has partnered with a number of co-sponsors for this year’s edition of “Capture the Tag,” including a local radio station, a community newspaper, the Washington State Department of Financial Institutions, a number of local businesses and even another nearby credit union.

“First and foremost, Capture The Tag is great fun for the community,” explains Lee Wojnar, VP of Marketing at O Bee Credit Union. “Last year, it also served a fantastic secondary purpose — providing a novel business boost to the local retail economy. We expect even bigger results this year based on the buzz we created in 2011.”

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