‘Financial Marketing Execution,’ By Jay Kassing, MARQUIS

This 124-page book on marketing execution was written exclusively for banks and credit unions by one of the world's most respected data analytics experts in the financial industry. And you can get a copy absolutely free -- no strings attached.

When The Financial Brand saw Jay Kassing’s book, “Marketing Execution,” the first thing we asked him was, “Can we please give a few copies of this away on the website?” It’s that interesting.

marketing_execution_jay_kassingHe said sure.

In fact, he said he’d be willing to give a copy away to anyone who wants one.

For free.

For those who don’t know, Jay Kassing is the owner of Marquis, the largest provider of database marketing and analytics (some call it MCIF/CRM) for financial institutions worldwide. And his 124-page is a captivating combination of quotes from historical notables from the likes of Confucius, Socrates, Roosevelt, Kennedy and Churchill along with numerous case studies, and mini-chapters on subjects such as strategic planning, data analytics, loan opportunities, checking acquisition and onboarding. It’s a quick, fun and strangely compelling mix of philosophy and hardcore practical marketing principles — exclusively for bank and credit union marketing execs.

This is a real printed and bound book — with an ISBN number, bar code and everything — not a PDF download or eBook. Normally it retails for $26.95. But for readers of The Financial Brand, it’s free. (And no, The Financial Brand wasn’t paid or offered any other form of compensation to publish this article.) All that’s required is your shipping information — no strings attached. Even if you don’t take Jay up on it, you might want to thank him for the offer in a comment below.

You can check out some excerpts from the book below (reinterpreted for the web by The Financial Brand). But this is just a sample taste. We didn’t give you the best stuff… you’ve got to get the book for that.



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