This Is a Bad Sign: Inaccuracies Will Give You Brand ‘Incontinence’

On one hand, this sign from Congressional Federal Credit Union is so funny, it will have you peeing in your pants — maybe literally.

On the other hand, “incontinence” is nothing to laugh about, because this is a serious matter.


As innocent as typos + misspellings may be, they equate with inaccuracy. Inaccuracy is downright icky in the financial industry. People entrust their money to financial institutions. They expect you to keep track of it — all of it. That’s why people get pretty picky about where you put things like. periods and commas,

Unfortunately, one wrong word isn’t the only problem with this sign. The second sentence should read, “Rayburn and Longworth branches are open today.” (Repaired words are indicated in bold.)

It wouldn’t be as big deal if this sign had been hung on the door of a second-hand clothing store, but it was on a credit union.

Bottom Line: It’s risky leaving signage and other retail messages up to your branch staff. If you’re a financial institution trying to build your brand around “smart, knowledgeable advice you can trust,” this kind of faux pax can seriously undermine your efforts.

[Source: Politico]

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