Inflatable Machine Creates Blizzard Of Cash For Georgia United Members

Georgia United Credit Union has added a fun, new element for larger member group events and benefit fairs… An inflatable ten foot square cash machine.

The idea came from Georgia United’s CEO and President, Warren Butler. “I’ve wanted to purchase one for years as it’s such an attention-getter,” Butler said. “We rented one for our staff team day and it was such a hit, we had a custom machine produced for our business development team to use at our larger member group events and benefits fairs.”

“It’s a great way to stand out from the crowd and get folks talking about the credit union,” he added.

While members and potential members are lined up for their turn to grab some cash, Georgia United representatives share information about current service offerings and promotions like 1.99% car loans, cash bonuses for new accounts, and the credit union’s Swift Deposit service which allows members to make check deposits through an app on their smart phones.

Inside the cash machine, participants grab for “Aunt Sophie Bucks,” so named after Georgia United’s humorous spokesperson, Aunt Sophie. Also inside the machine are “golden tickets” which enter participants into a drawing for the events top prize such as one month’s mortgage payment.

Georgia Department of Corrections employees enjoy participating and observing as fellow co-workers try their luck in Georgia United’s Cash Machine.

Georgia United has a special team of employees who operate their new cash machine at local events and member group events (aka Aunt Sophie’s Street Squad.)

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