This Common Bank & Credit Union Tagline Equates to a “Life” Sentence

“Your partner for life!”
“Solutions for life!”
“Banking for life!”

Many financial institutions use this common two word phrase as part of their tagline. It makes logical sense for a bank or credit union to use this phrase, “…For Life.” It has a nice double meaning. On the one hand, it means, “for everyday living.” On the other, it means, “forever.” Who doesn’t think that feels good?

The only problem is that for some people, “forever” is an awfully long time. “For life” can sound like a life sentence. At the very least, it’s a big commitment.

Key Takeaway: One of the hitches with marketing is that you can never be sure that the message you creatively encode will be decoded by your audience the way you want. Something to think about.

“It said LAFCU YOUR CREDIT UNION FOR LIFE. Something about it made me feel a little trapped and panicky… FOR LIFE… *shivers*”
— ConnieBonnie, blogger

“Your bank for life.”

— LCNB National Bank

“Your bank for life.”

— Western Springs National Bank & Trust

“Your bank for life.”

— Town & Country Bank

“For work. For home. For life.”

— Univest

“The bank you keep for life.”

— Newton Savings Bank

“Your partner for life.”

— Farmers & Merchants State Bank

“Your financial partner for life.”

— Georgia FCU

“Your credit union for life.”

— Quaker Oats Credit Union

“Your friend for life!”

— Parkside Credit Union

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