The Most Important Digital Channels in Banking Today

What do banks and credit unions think are the most important digital channels? The answers vary: from mobile and email to social and online video.

“All of them. We’re trying to build out as effectively as we can all of our digital efforts, obviously on the digital advertising and search side — significant efforts there. But we’re really proud of our social media efforts, and what our social media team has done to connect with our customers in the space that they want to be in.”

— Bruno Jauernig, VP Marketing/Planning at TD Bank

“In the digital area, it’s social media. I think that’s the most important, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn — those social media channels.”

— Michael McAlary, CEO/Wealthmaker Financial Services

“Our digital strategy that’s most important is the mobile market. I also think more video content creation — there are some opportunities there that banks and credit unions haven’t taken advantage of.”

— Lee Wojnar, VP of Marketing/O Bee Credit Union

“Email and Facebook are definitely big for us as the major digital channels.”

— Kerry-Ann Stimpson, Group Marketing Manager/JMMB

“It all starts with online banking for us, regardless of if people are doing in on mobile or on the web or a tablet. If we hit the home run there, we can do well everywhere.”

— Michael Ketelaars, Digital Marketing Coordinator/Libro Credit Union

“We’re just going into mobile banking, and I think it’s going to fly.”

— Lisa-Maria Alexander, Country Marketing Head/Trinidad & Tobago (JMMB)

“It’s not just one event or one channel or one media. You have to have it all, and it all has to work together.”

— Jerry Gassen, CEO & President/Ameriana Bank

“It’s not just about one channel or multiple channels working independently from one another. This is why a unified digital lead generation framework can optimize a financial institution’s digital channels specifically for a humanized digital economy.”

— James Robert Lay, CEO/CU Grow

james_robert_layJames Robert Lay is the CEO of CU Grow. CU Grow builds humanized digital marketing marketing and lead generation systems for progressive credit unions and banks to lower acquisition costs, increase share of wallet and improve operational efficiency.

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