“The Wild Idea Club” Author To Keynote CUNA FUSE Branch Ops

Best-selling author Lee Silber

Lee Silber, a former surf shop owner who became the bestselling author of “The Wild Idea Club,” will be speaking at the CUNA FUSE – Branch Operations & Business Development School on what he calls the Triple Bottom Line: People. Passion. Process.

Lee will show credit union branch managers and business development professionals how to motivate their staff by finding ways to accommodate their talents and help them get the most out of their careers. In doing so, Lee argues each staff member will form a passion for the credit union movement and strive to make their local credit union stronger by finding the most efficient ways to operate.

The CUNA FUSE – Branch Operations & Business Development School, held July 30-August 2 at the Four Seasons in Las Vegas, provides credit union branch managers and business development professionals the opportunity to network with other professionals and explore techniques blending multiple management disciplines. The conference will examine traditional barriers between these Operations and Business Development departments, and discuss possible solutions to harmonize responsibilities, maximize efficiencies and encourage growth.

Attendees will also have the chance to network with credit union professionals beyond their core area of expertise, and collaborate on new solutions and discoveries. Topics include:

  • Branch Management
  • Business Development & Retention
  • Leadership & Staff Development

The flexible format of the school allows attendees to pick and choose which sessions to attend, encouraging business development and branch management professionals to step outside of their traditional modes of thinking.

More information about Lee Silber can be found on his website at www.leesilber.com. For information about CUNA FUSE – Branch Operations & Business Development School or to register, visit training.cuna.org/fuse.

Early registration discounts for the school end June 3, 2012.

Sessions at CUNA FUSE 2012

The Triple Bottom Line: People. Passion. Process.
We will focus on solutions and ways to overcome challenges with “winnovation” (win/win ideas) to make sure we are boosting the triple bottom line.

Communicating Purpose with Passion: Strategies for Profitability, Differentiation and Outreach
During this session, we will hear the story of the credit union movement and examine the unique opportunities available to credit unions to differentiate and define themselves within the financial services industry. Upon completion, you will be able to:

  • Create community conversations that resonate relevance
  • Share the power of “Why” with members and nonmembers
  • Reach a growing consumer segment 70 million strong
  • Stop selling and start sharing

Communicate with Purpose: Influencing Your Member to Take Action
This highly interactive session will give you immediate and practical tools to influence your listeners to take action on what you have to say and build stronger relationships.

Building an Effective Branch

  • Discover the value of empowered teams
  • Examine effective teambuilding practices
  • Explore the COACH method and tips to develop mature employees
  • Discuss strategies for keeping everyone “in the loop”

Understanding the Credit Unions Bottom Line & Basic Lending

  • Explore the basic parts of a credit union’s financial statement
  • Calculate key ratios that your CEO, board and examiners watch
  • Discover the impact of loans on your credit union’s bottom line
  • Explore the basics of sound lending practices

Secure in All Areas: Branch Security and Compliance

  • Learn the best practices to protect secure areas and information at the branch level
  • Examine the threat of social engineering and discover strategies to prevent online account takeover
  • Review key compliance areas that impact branch operations
  • Learn how to avoid common compliance pitfalls and discuss best practices

Differentiation Exercise

  • Determine how to differentiate in terms of price, products, service and location
  • Recognize the impact of differentiation on people, pricing and facilities
  • Use this knowledge to our benefit when competing against other financial institutions

Sales Skills

  • Explore the different types of selling
  • Determine and analyze prospects
  • Develop a value proposition for each prospect
  • Make a coherent presentation

Building a Plan and Measuring Results

  • Learn how to build a sales pipeline
  • Become familiar with common credit union performance metrics
  • Identify sales goals and create a plan to achieve those goals
  • Explore some common reward mechanisms

Managing Existing SEG Relationships

  • Recognize the importance of a SEG Analysis
  • Discover how to become a true problem solver for your SEGs
  • Utilize creativity to build relationships
  • Identify the steps involved in becoming more proactive

Defining and Upholding Your Teams Culture

  • Identify what culture is and who defines it
  • Identify cultural behaviors that support the credit union’s vision and mission
  • Recognize the link between financial advocacy and a member-centric culture
  • Embed your credit union’s culture in job descriptions, performance evaluations and incentive programs
  • Use culture-building tactics to engage employees

Designing Your Plan of Attack

  • Identify the parts of a “plan of action”
  • Design the team’s “to do” list using the four-actions framework
  • Implement your credit union’s plan with clarity and impact
  • Evaluate outcomes and keep a positive momentum

Coaching Your Team to Success

  • Identify the specific benefits of coaching to you, your team, and your credit union
  • Define the four quadrants of coaching and what coaching steps you can take to improve employee performance
  • Use SMART goals and action plans as powerful measurement tools
  • Practice coaching other participants through group role-playing

Change Management: Embracing the Inevitable Reality

  • Define what to change from what was learned at the conference
  • Break the change process down into manageable pieces
  • Communicate change using a positive spin
  • Obtain buy-in from others for a seamless transition

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