The Merits Of Brand-Based Marketing For Credit Unions

A new white paper from CUNA explores the benefits and rationale behind a brand-based marketing strategy for credit unions.

Most credit union marketing professionals know the routine: next month promote auto loans, the month after that concentrate on certificates, next quarter dust off the new membership recruitment drive and then back to auto loans towards the end of the year.

Sound familiar? It just might. For many years, credit unions have operated under just such a product-based marketing and communications plan, with varying degrees of success. The times, however, are changing and what once worked in this regard simply won’t cut it as we dive deeper into a new millennium.

In the latest white paper from the CUNA Marketing & Business Development Council, “Transitioning from Product-Based Marketing to Brand-Based Marketing,” the merits of transitioning to and maintaining a brand-based focused as opposed to a product-based focus to marketing are explored.

The white paper makes the case for the transition and:

  • Discusses the limitations of product-based marketing
  • Describes the benefits of brand-based marketing
  • Examines why it is better to fit your credit union brand to a product
  • Explores how brand-based marketing can help credit union professionals save time, money, and improve overall brand visibility
  • Looks into possible challenges involved in moving to a brand-based marketing plan
  • Provides suggestions and insights into why conducting a marketing audit may be a good idea for your credit union

The paper includes insights from several industry professionals who support a brand-based approach to marketing.

CUNA Council members are entitled to a complimentary copy, in addition to more than 300 other white papers. Non-members may purchase white papers at the reasonable price of $50 per copy.

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