Creative Showcase: ANZ, ATM Overhaul, Money Shot

Public Service Credit Union – “Money Shot”

Cue the 70s porn music. An unattractive, out-of-shape, overweight banker strips down to bath himself in your money. Type superimposed on the screen says, “What are the big banks really doing with your money?” Presumably, this one-minute video never actually made it on TV and only aired in the living rooms of those who helped produce it. Is it anything but creepy?


ANZ – “Perfect World”

In a perfect world everything would revolve around you. Sadly, it doesn’t. ANZ does a good job depicting the contrasts between one’s idyllic fantasies and the way things really work. These spots are funny — mostly because they strike a chord of truth — but the segues into the bank’s offers are a little tenuous. Fun to watch anyway, and good name awareness.




Wells Fargo – ATM interface overhaul

Wells Fargo hired Pentagram in the fall of 2005 to begin work on a new user interface for their ATMs. The bank wanted a more graceful presentation flow rather — not a choppy screen-to-screen feel — with an overall more elegant appearance. There are a lot more screenshots here.

Alfa Bank – “Holiday Overtime”

In this TV spot, a boss addresses the office. “Who wants to work during the holidays?” he asks. Silence. He asks again. Finally a young man volunteers. “You are going to a 3-day workshop in Paris…with my translator Tanya.” (Spoiler: Tanya is gorgeous). The announcer says, “Alfa Bank, Honestly Beneficial.” Thanks to Mykola Chumak at Identity Group for the translation.

Mango Money – P2P Payments Website

Both the name and website are a breath of fresh air in the usually stuffy financial space. Mango Money enables person-to-person payments through mobile phones using a prepaid Mastercard.

BBVA Compass – “Banking Solutions for You

BBVA took Compass Bank over a year or two ago. This is the first ad the Spanish parent company has run for its new U.S. acquisition. It’s for a popular Compass Bank product, “Build-to-Order Free Checking,” that BBVA has retained. The spot uses a montage to accurately capture the hectic financial lives we have today.

( Editor’s Note: This YouTube video is no longer available. )

China – Sponsored Money

If you’re a bank, what could be cooler than having your logo printed right on the money? China not only puts logos for banks like HSBC and Standard Chartered on their money, they use illustrations of banks’ Chinese headquarters on the bills! Thanks to Mykola Chumak at Identity Group for the tip.

OnPoint Community Credit Union – “The Jogger”

A woman sees her favorite house is for sale, so she breaks out her iPhone and calls “Michael” at OnPoint who is ready to make it happen. “I can be there in 10 minutes,” she says. You can see another spot in the series here. Agency: Weber Marketing Group.


ASB – Bigger Term Deposits

Very seldom do financial institutions explore typographic metaphors. Here’s a rather simply one where a long, somewhat rambling block of copy slowly grows larger in type size to convey the concept that ASB’s term deposits “get bigger.” Source: Saatchi Daily Banking Blog.

BofA – “We Listened.”

For the last 18 months, it seems BofA has been staying one step ahead of Congress. Rather than wait for legislative reforms to take effect, the bank is making it look like it’s responding to people’s frustrations. It’s probably about as close as any bank will come to saying it’s sorry.

SA – “Long Driveway”

A family packs into their car for the long drive ahead…down their super-long driveway. The message: “Get more home for your money with SA.”


Westpac – Branch Managers Are Back

This Australian bank is showcasing the independence, empowerment and flexibility of its 600 branch managers in a series of TV spots. The production technique is about as Spartan as you can get, matching the frank tone of the spots.

( Editor’s Note: This YouTube video is no longer available. )

Bethpage FCU – Meet Beth & Paige

When your financial institution is based in- and serves only the area of Bethpage, New York, you work with it. In this TV spot, the $3.6 billion credit union introduces two “employees” named Beth and Paige. The pair serve a third woman, Mary, a professional dog walker who needs a bigger backyard. Agency: Austin + Williams.

( Editor’s Note: This YouTube video is no longer available. )

Mission FCU – “My Mission: Life To Its Fullest”

The credit union held a TV commercial contest and among the entries was this professional looking spot. It’s better than many of the TV commercials other credit unions typically produce and air themselves.


Saxo Bank – “Taking the Lead”

The European bank is playing up its sponsorship of a cycling team in a new online social media promo. They are giving away 25,000 inflatable “victory hands,” and one lucky winner will get a VIP trip to watch the Tour de France. In addition to a microsite, the effort includes YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

FirstBank – Bank lobby billboards

Dimensional 14×48 billboards hold aloft bank lobby trappings like a wood-paneled desk and chair, a velvet rope and stanchions, a potted ficus tree, and a framed reproduction of scenic mountainscape, all giant-sized. The campaign, breaking concurrently with an overhaul of FirstBank’s online browser interface, invites viewers to “Enjoy the bank lobby, even if you bank online.” Agency: TDA Advertising & Design.

Satander – Lo-tech advertising

If you’re going to take the trouble to hire street teams and deploy non-traditional ad mediums like human billboards and moped advertising, why be so boring? “Hey mister, we’ve got better banking and great offers. Here, do you want a brochure?”

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