Creative Showcase: Wishing Well, Valentine, Plastic World

Sparkasse Bank – “Wishing Well”

Sparkasse, one of the largest banks in Germany, recently produced an extremely engaging and creative out-of-home marketing campaign. They spelled out messages using coins at the bottom of wishing wells. They messages said things like, “Wishes? Rather invest your money safely.”

FAB&T – “Valentine’s Build-a-Bear Plush Dogs”

For Valentine’s Day, the bank sold plush dogs from Build-a-Bear Workshops for $28, then donated the net proceeds to local animal shelters. This is an unusual promotion combining a whole bunch of things unrelated to banking.

First Entertainment Credit Union – “Plastic World”

They built a plastic world to show how a lot of people have been burdened by those tiny little plastic cards they carry around in their pockets; the debt of our purchase weighs us down like a monkey (or vespa) on our back.

Standard Chartered – “Catburglar”

It’s not likely that most people will be able to decipher the creative message encoded in this complex visual. A catburglar suspended from the ceiling tries to steal a diner’s credit card. The copy says, “Standard Bank’s Chip & PIN technology gives you the power to protect yourself from the criminals who might not look like criminals.” How?

Kansas Area Credit Unions – “Avoid Plan B”

26 credit union band together to create these image/awareness ads. Produced by Craig Loo at Beyond Marketing.

USA Credit Union – “Seeds”

Before USA Credit Union got merged away, they sent out a clever direct mail promotion including real live seeds that would purportedly grow “money trees.” What kind of actual plant or tree the seeds sprouted is not known.

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