Whack-a-Fee, Bingo Credit, Praise Singer, More…

USAA – Lifestage Guides

This series of financial education guides for USAA from the Cartis Group are both beautiful and brilliant. These aren’t just brochures, these are large, multi-page guides (some are 24+ pages) offering comprehensive — and largely unbiased — advice. Books are organized by lifestages and life needs: getting married, saving for college, life insurance, etc. This is real financial education — selfless, thorough, informative and helpful.


usaa-marriage-guide2 usaa-marriage-guide3

usaa-college-guide usaa-college-guide2



First Direct – Microsoft Surface “Mortgage Offsetting”

HSBC’s First Direct in the U.K. uses Microsoft Surface technology to explain the benefits of “mortgage offsetting.” Design firm Splendid worked with media agency Mindshare to create an interactive touch-screen experience that allows users to directly interact with digital content, without the using a mouse or keyboard.


Pinnacle Bank – Brand Ads

These three ads for Nebraska’s Pinnacle Bank were written by freelance advertising copywriter Holly Menges.


pinnacle-bank-loyalty pinnacle-bank-straightforward

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Langley FCU – “Whack-a-Fee”

Presumably inspired by the new arcade sensation, “Whack-a-Banker,” this game is so easy, you might think it’s a little stupid. But that’s probably the point.


Nevada Federal Credit Union – “We Don’t Suck”

Las Vegas columnist and glam blogger Emily Gimmel snapped a picture of this brash use of a colloquialism on a billboard off the Vegas Strip for Nevada Federal.


Cetelem – “Bingo Credit”

Cetelem, a unit of BNP Paribas Bank, parodies reckless creditors in a series of ads featuring the fictional-yet-funny “Bingo Credit.” The campaign kicks off with a TV spot where the fictional company’s spokesman takes you on a tour of the organization’s caution-to-the-wind philosophy. The message: “Credit should never be like this. Choose Centelem’s responsible loans.” In another spot, the spokesman gives a loan to a man on his death bed. There’s another semi-sexist spot pushing a loan for men who want to cosmetically remodel their wives.


Progress Bank – Brand Identity

A colorful design and a progressive image by Electrum Marketing.



Norway Savings Bank – “Colorful Solutions”

It’s not often you get to see so many different materials from a financial institution’s brand identity all collected in one place. This menagerie of colors was produced by Leslie Evan Design Associates.


MECU – Brand Identity

Design firm Simple I.D. came up with this casual and approachable look-and-feel featuring illustrations for Australian credit union mecu. Notice the use of lowercase letters and handwritten-style typography. Does the client know/care their agency calls them a “bank?”



First National Bank – “Chin Up South Africa”

The South Africans, it seems, have a low self image and don’t feel prepared to host the 2010 World Cup. So FNB, a South African bank, tries to restore national pride with a TV spot where an Aussie gives a South Afrikaner an inspirational pep talk. It’s an honest and strangely captivating message for a bank-sponsored ad.


First Atlantic Bank – Print Ads

These ads by Electrum Marketing clearly send a conservative-and-steady brand message.


American Bank – “Dolphins”

Talk about the indirect sell… This ad for American Bank from Pettus Advertising starts with the headline, “If you’re enthralled by the majesty of nature, we’re here for you.” The copy goes on to say, “The amazing wonders of the gulf coast are brought to life at the Texas State Aquarium. We are proud that this home for beauty and science call the Coastal Bend home. From wide-eyed children to learned professionals, nowhere is the joy of our world more inspiring…” Then the ad takes an abrupt detour to talk about into the bank’s culture. It’s a complete non sequitur. A better ad might have been, “American Bank…for people who like dolphins.”


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