Creative Showcase: Matters, Jet Ski, Testimonials

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United FCU – “Matters” Ads

The Financial Brand wrote about United FCU’s Gen-Y program ‘Matters’ a few weeks ago.

Here’s some offline media — a pair of print ads.

The one on the left has the logo and copy upside down (intentionally). Click to enlarge.

Bank Norwegian – “Jet Ski” Ad

The (very small) copy in the lower right-hand corner says, “Saving. It might take a while. Bank Norwegian.” Then — in microscopic type — it says, “Loans you can live with.” The takeaway message is decidedly pro-credit: Borrow today, because saving takes time.

First Bank – Testimonials

This series of ads looks uses a hand-written diary as the visual device. Each story is told from the perspective of a First Bank employee to show how First Bank puts each of these customers “first.” The photos are presumably of customers, but they are likely actors.

Fulton Bank – Billboards

A series of billboards from ad agency Pavone. There’s a TV spot that does the concept more justice than these static images.

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Irwin Union – Website

A simple, attractive website (with shades of Apple’s website?)

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Queensland Teachers Credit Union – “Grant”

Does anyone know who “Grant” is and why he would make a good choice for

This Australian credit union is promoting a “Smarter Starter Home Loan with a First Home Owner Grant.” So that explains why they’d choose someone named “Grant.” But who the heck is this guy? A rugby star? Soccer? If there’s anyone who knows, please share in the comments below.

Charter Oak Credit Union – “The New Look of Banking”

The credit union updates its brand identity. Their new slogan is, “Relationships beyond banking.” The credit union describes the new look as “an image that speaks to our financial strength.”

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