This Bank’s Brand Ads Are Out of Control

These brand ads for Continental Bank in Wisconsin encourage people to get a firm grip on their financial situations. Each ad relies on a carefully-crafted custom photo where someone is wrestling — literally — with some aspect of their financial life: a wallet, purse or checkbook.

The ads are ultra-simple in their message, supported by a strong, story-telling visual. There’s only one blurb of copy — the headline — that simply says, “Take control of your finances.”

The ads all bear a common logo block with the very clever tagline, “Money. Wise.”

Based on the age of the people used in these ads, it’s safe to assume they were squarely targeted at Gen-Y.

Key Question: How many people will relate to these ads because they feel like their financial situation is out of control?

This style of advertising is extremely popular with ad school grads, but not everyone is a fan.

The bank has 8 branches, but the ads only promote one: the main HQ branch.

Each of these photos probably cost around $10,000 each.
Scouting locations, talent, props, lighting, photographer, makeup, etc.
It all adds up fast.

Agency: Freight Train

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