Credit Union Picks ‘Aventa’ as New Moniker

Colorado Springs Credit Union has changed names and become Aventa. Nearly 40% of the credit union’s membership no longer lives in Colorado Springs, so it was time for another new name, credit union officials said.

The board of directors wanted a name that would be “inclusive and welcoming to the people and communities up and down the front range,” said Sarah Ryals, CMO/Aventa, in an interview.

The Aventa name is coined (meaning it’s made up), but it’s meant to reflect the local Colorado Springs culture.

“We like the free-flowing and open nature of the word Aventa.”
— Sarah Ryals, CMO/Aventa

“We like the free-flowing and open nature of the word ‘Aventa,'” Ryals continued. “We can create the brand behind the name.”

The entire process — from the decision to change names to when signs were changed out — took two years.

Weber Marketing Group was brought in as naming partner for the project.

There is currently a federal trademark application on file for Aventa with the United States Patent & Trademark Office. There is no trademark currently pending under the USPTO’s financial services category for the credit union’s new slogan, “The Common Thread.”

Established in 1957 to serve utilities employees, Aventa Credit Union now has $125 million in assets and 17,000 members.

Aventa Credit Union Website
The credit union was able to pick up the URL, which will aid them greatly
when it comes to marketing. The black banner says, “My tats are permanent and so is my
commitment to my community. I expect that from where I bank, too.”

In-Branch Brand Display
“The fabric of a community is woven from a common thread, not red tape.”

Product Displays
Online Banking: “The common thread has gone wireless.”
Savings: “The common thread means we all earn a little more.
Home Loans: “I love my house and my community, but I can do without the red tape.”

In-Branch Brand Display
“In financial times driven by taking care of number one, we’d like to propose taking care of one another.”

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