Citi’s Women of ‘Women & Co.’

Women & Co., a financial education resource for women backed by Citi, is celebrating its 10th year with a new campaign that focuses on “women with rising financial influence,” the bank said. The ads highlight the unique lives of real women — actual Women & Co. members.

Citi interviewed over 1,000 affluent women around the U.S. about their financial attitudes and behaviors to help shape its latest Women & Co. campaign, ultimately choosing 33 women to feature in its ads.

“The Women of Women & Co.” campaign includes four print and digital executions.

Citi describes Women & Co. as “a vehicle for insightful women to build their financial knowledge, bolster their confidence and create financial strategies that will help them achieve their goals. Through access to education, resources, and a community of financially minded women, Women & Co. is the place where wisdom, wealth and women meet.”

Citi says women are creating and controlling more money than ever before. “In the wake of the recession, women are on the verge of outnumbering men in the workforce for the first time in history,” the bank said in a press release. “In today’s she-conomy, that means more women are not only driving purchasing decisions, but also are increasingly controlling the financial decisions in their household.”


Runs after 3 kids.
Runs a yoga studio.
Runs the finances for her family.
Runs back home to help out her parents.
Runs a marathon from time to time.
Runs what seems like a marathon every day.
Runs it all by her financial advisor, just to be sure.
Financial information and support for women who run the world they live in.


Learning to be prepared for anything.
Learning to stop worrying about the future.
Learning to trust her investing instincts.
Learning that experiences are more important than possessions.
Learning that there’s always more to learn.
Learning financial health is important for her wellbeing.
Life makes women wiser.
The Woman & Co. community helps make them stronger.


She’s managed two political campaigns.
She’s launching her own business.
She’s always got a “Plan B.”
She’s newly remarried with new financial goals.
She’s a widow writing a memoir.
She’s the CFO of her family, and manages every cent.
The financial realities of a woman’s life are unique.
Women & Co. helps her be prepared for anything.


Balancing her dreams and realities.
Balancing ever-changing priorities.
Balancing the hope to retire with the fear of slowing down.
Balancing her family with her ambitions.
Balancing yesterday with today and tomorrow.
Balancing her checkbook, her assets, her time, her job.
Life makes financial demands.
Women & Co. makes financial sense.

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