20-Point Branding & Strategic Marketing Self-Assessment

Ever wondered how brand savvy your organization is? Whether your marketing was as strong and sophisticated as it should be? Here's your chance to find out. Take this quiz — 20 simple yes/no questions — and keep track of your answers. There's a scoring system you can use to grade yourself below.

1. We have a differentiated brand strategy, and everyone on our management team agrees what that is.

2. We deliver a consistent brand experience across all touchpoints.

3. Employees understand our brand and how they can live it out.

4. We have a brand identity manual and formalized brand guidelines for staff.

5. Our marketing plan is tied to our strategic vision and organizational objectives.

6. We are able to reliably establish our marketing ROI.

7. We are able to achieve all our marketing objectives with the budget.

8. We don’t have to compete solely on the basis of rates and fees.

9. We are on track to hit all our lending and deposit goals.

10. Creating brand awareness is not a challenge in our market(s).

11. We have implemented high-performing onboarding, cross-selling and customer acquisition strategies.

12. We have mastered data analytics and customer segmentation strategies.

13. We have customer retention/attrition firmly under control.

14. Our brand attracts a steadily growing number of Gen-Y consumers.

15. We have an advanced digital marketing strategy encompassing SEM, retargeting and advertising in social media channels.

16. We have already started running ads for our products and services on mobile devices.

17. We have a social media strategy that generates a clear ROI.

18. Our email and print direct marketing campaigns get better than average response rates.

19. We express a clear value proposition in every marketing piece we create.

20. Our marketing team(s) work sync cohesively with sales, lending, compliance and other divisions.

How to Score Yourself

Okay, so how’d you do? Tally up the number of “yes” answers and score yourself using the system below. Number of YES answers:

  • 0-5 Yes answers = Struggler. Your brand needs work.
  • 6-10 Yes answers = Vulnerable. Your brand is holding your organization back.
  • 11-15 Yes answers = Strong Potential. You have a solid brand and marketing foundation.
  • 16-20 Yes answers = Financial Brand Rockstar.  You have mastered much of financial marketing… just remember, there’s always something more to learn!

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