25 Bank Mascots

Financial institutions use mascots to create a fun, festive presence at events like parades, fairs and branch grand openings. Many banks and credit unions have created mascots to support their kids clubs/accounts, notably Harris Bank’s widely loved Hubert the Lion. Sometimes these mascots transcend their original purpose and can wind up being the spokesperson for the entire organization, making appearances in nearly every single ad and marketing piece.

Financial institutions pick some predictable characters to reflect a fairly standard range of personality attributes — friendliness, strength, wisdom, etc. Dogs and lions are the most common creatures chosen for bank mascots, however other animals like eagles, owls, tigers and bears are used as well. There are a few exotic — even mythical — creatures used as bank mascots, including a whale, dolphin, hippopotamus, rhinoceros and a dragon. Some banks create costumes out of their logos, while plenty of others choose the hackneyed piggybank concept.

Does your financial institution need a mascot? Doubtful. If you’re extremely active in the community and sponsor a lot of events every year, then perhaps a mascot character could help you maximize your investment. But be careful with the design process. Put a lot of thought into what will best represent your organization and its values. And whatever you do, don’t cut any corners. Most financial institutions with a mascot are already at risk of looking pretty hokey and stupid… a cheap suit is sure to cinch the wrong image in consumers’ minds (as the last costume in this article does).

RBC – Leo the Lion

PNC Bank – Linky

US Bank – Captain Shield

Bendigo Bank – Piggy

Key Bank – Key

Chase – Chase the Dog

Harris Bank – Hubert the Lion

ABSA Bank – Piggy Bank

Ulster Bank – Henry the Hippo

St. George Bank – Happy Dragon

Commerce Bank – Mr. C

Metro Bank – Metro Man

Bank Atlantic – 7

Maybank – Yippie

Nittany Bank – Nookie Monster

County Bank – Buck

Piedmont Community Bank – PC Bear

Butterfield Bank – Vern

Waukesha State Bank – Friendly the Eagle

Nadra Bank – Whale

Wells Fargo – Jack the Dog

In gold rush days, Wells Fargo agents sometimes had dogs to help guard Wells Fargo treasure.
This dates back 143 years, accompanied by the motto, “Alert & Faithful.”

Andhra Bank – Dolle the Dolphin (India)

DiBa Bank – Otto the Rhinoceros

Unknown Bank – Lion Suit

Norwest – Barney the Snowman

Citizen’s Bank – Logo

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