2010 Brand Rankings for Credit Unions

Bancography, a financial services consulting firm, released its 2010 rankings for its Bancography Brand Value Index (BBVI), a quantitative ranking of the brand strength of all US banks and credit unions. The firm developed the system so that it could assist financial institutions with evaluating the strength of their brands. The index calculates the value of an institution’s brand and ranks that institution comparatively among its peers.

In the large credit union asset tier, only six of 2009’s top 25 retained their top-25 status in 2010.  This shows a noticeable difference from 2009’s index, where 14 institutions repeated their top-25 performance and reflects the volatility in both the industry and the broader economy.  In the large credit union tier, only Chevron and JSC (TX) return to the top 10; while 2009’s top ranked Police and Fire (PA) placed 11th in 2010.  Six Texas-based credit unions, four Wisconsin-based institutions and three Pennsylvania organizations combine to occupy more than half of the top 25 slots.  Notably, these three states have also remained near immune to bank failures over the past three years.

Twelve institutions returned to the top 25 in the smaller asset tier ($100M – $1B) including Navy Army, White Sands, Complex Community (TX), Golden Plains (KS) and Red Crown (OK).  Notable newcomers to the list include Gwinnett Credit Union (GA), Mennonite Financial (PA), AmeriCU (NY), Idaho Central Credit Union and University First Credit Union (UT), with all but Gwinnett representing areas of the country that have survived the financial crisis relatively unscathed. Despite its sizable population base, not a single Florida-based credit union reached the top 25 in either tier, confirming the degree to which the recession has impacted that state’s financial institutions.

Do you want to know where your credit union ranks? Easy. Just contact Bancography. “We will supply at no cost any institution’s ranking if they contact us,” promises Mathes.

“But to make the rankings relevant as to how well an institution is doing in any given market, they would need to know their competitors’ index,” continues Mathes. “So we sell a product called ‘Market Snapshot’ that supplies all community bank and credit union rankings by DMA. The Snapshot also contains helpful observations and insights from that DMA.”

Credit Unions: More than $1 billion in assets (161 total)

1 Austin Telco TX 21*
2 Chevron CA 2
3 EECU TX 18*
4 Mountain America UT 122
5 Local Government NC 234*
6 University TX 49
7 JSC TX 4
8 University of Wisconsin WI 31
9 State Employees NC 13
10 Landmark WI 18
11 Police & Fire PA 1
12 Members 1st PA 57
13 Lake Michigan MI 9
14 GECU TX 48
15 MECU MD 647*
16 TruMark Financial PA 11
17 Educational Employees CA 120
18 HawaiiUSA HI 96
19 Community First WI 8
20 Security Service TX 32
21 Tinker OK 3
22 State Employees NY 65
23 Educators WI 63
24 San Diego County CA 47
25 Sandia Laboratory NM 82
*moved up from <$1B asset tier

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Credit Unions: Less than $1 billion in assets (161 total)

1 InTouch TX 122
2 Navy Army TX 9
3 First Community TX 22
4 Gwinnett GA 313
5 Complex Community TX 5
6 White Sands NM 1
7 Mennonite Financial PA n/a
8 ILWU CA 17
9 America’s Credit Union WA 25
10 Americu NY 153
11 Aerospace CA 76
12 Idaho Central ID 163
13 University First UT 461
14 Actors NY 20
15 Southeastern GA 55
16 Pelican State LA 10
17 State Employees NM 79
18 Red Crown OK 6
19 Golden Plains KS 4
20 Sound WA 126
21 ACIPCO AL 373
22 Trona Valley Community WY 14
23 University of Hawaii HI 125
24 SeaComm NY 11
25 Heritage Family VT 29

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