Banking Powerhouse ANZ Debuts New Global Logo

Indonesia is one of the bank’s highest priorities in ANZ’s expansion plan, and thus chosen as the place to launch the new brand.

Alex Thursby, CEO of ANZ for Asia Pacific, said, “The new brand symbolizes ANZ’s strategic transformation to become a super regional bank with a strong focus in Asia Pacific.”

ANZ’s modernized and simplified its wordmark and added a symbol — what ANZ calls a lotus. ANZ describes the lotus as a symbol of unity and growth which is relevant to their customers across the region regardless of differences in language and culture.

Note: The old ANZ wordmark was a rich blue color. In the graphic below, the
old wordmark is shown in red to aid in the creation of an illustrative overlay.

ANZ’s new “lotus” logo
ANZ says the three petals of its “lotus” logo signify Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific.
In the logo’s negative space — in between the “lotus” petals — you can clearly make out
the shape of a person with uplifted arms. This represents the bank’s customers and people,
which ANZ describes as the driving force behind its business.

The subtle lotus symbol should work relatively well in ANZ’s Asian markets. As one Aussie reporter noted, the lotus is “one of key icons of New Age Orientalism.”

The new logo, designed by M&C Saatchi, doesn’t show up anywhere yet in the ANZ brand media library.

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@ANZozCEO on Twitter
ANZ Australian Region CEO Brian Hartzer has joined the twitter craze.
You can see what he’s tweeting here. The original Twitter page ANZ launched
is shown above. Around 3-4 weeks later, they gave the page a makeover (below).
In that time Hartzer added just shy of 100 new Followers.

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