Two Credit Union Logos. Too Similar?

Back in April, Aloha Airlines closed up shop, leaving its credit union, Aloha Airlines FCU, in a bit of a pinch. The credit union assured members that it would remain a viable concern, even if meant changing the name and logo.

A little while ago, the credit union revealed its new identity along with its shortened name:

And here is the logo for Air Force Federal Credit Union:

Both logos are appropriate for these credit unions, and for the same reasons. Both make a relevant connection to their primary audience — people who fly for a living. There are positive connotations within the financial services industry, as arrows twist and point up, suggesting positive progress towards a common goal. There are themes of unity and teamwork, with similar individuals working together to accomplish something greater.

Bradford Lawton Design Group out of San Antonia, Texas, designed the Air Force FCU logo a few years ago. The firm submitted the logo to The Big Book of Logos, a graphic design reference series used by logo designers. The logo was selected for inclusion in Volume 4.

What do you think? Are these two logos too similar?

For reference, here are the old logos for both Aloha Airlines and Aloha FCU:

If you’re interested, here’s Aloha FCU’s official FAQ about the name and logo change.

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