Absa’s Wonderfully Artistic and Creative Branding Posters

Are these posters on-brand for Absa Bank and its target audience? Who is the target audience anyway? Hard to say.

Two things are for certain: (1) The posters look cool, and (2) they are very different. The copy, however, might be a stumbling point for some readers. Too hokey? Trying too hard?

By the way, Absa is in South Africa.

The series is a unique range of retro-eclectic and vibrant visual styles, sprinkled with semi-poetry here and there.

“Do your little bit of good where you are:
It’s these little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.”
– Desmond Tutu

We’ll help you take those steps today.
– Absa, “Today, tomorrow, together.”

Learn something new. Learn how to use it.
Learn to live by the rules, but only the ones worth living by.
Polish your shoes every single day, because you never know who you might meet.
Be brave.
Think before you speak. Speak less. Say more. Say something profound.
Look for the silver lining, but never settle for second best.
Don’t be afraid to face the music. Make music.
Stay hungry.
Learn who you really are.
Know that you don’t see the world as it is. you see it as you are.
Don’t measure yourself by other people’s standards, and don’t impose your standards on them.
Trust your gut.
The steps you take today lead to your tomorrow.
Let’s take the next one together.
– Absa, “Today, tomorrow, together.”

This is to the bus driver who gets us to work on time, the health worker who saves lives and the man who makes us paper clips. Here’s to the car guards and musicians who get us dancing and to the Lizzies, Janets and Thembas who know how we like our tea. This is for the teachers who give children homework and hope. The sportspeople who don’t take it personally when we scream at the TV. Here’s to the men and women who keep our streets clean, and to every South African who keeps our nation working.
Thank you for putting your best foot forward.
– Absa, “Today, tomorrow, together.”

The branding posters are the work of The Jupiter Drawing Room.

Tip of the Hat: To Sarah Britten, for her original coverage of this ABSA campaign.

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