Sydney Credit Union Generous with ‘Free Hugs’

Sydney Credit Union recently relaunched as SCU and rolled out a new brand theme, “More Generous Banking.”

To celebrate the launch, SCU sent out street teams across Sydney conducting “Random Acts Of Generosity” including giving out free coffees, free massages and — no joke — free hugs.

As part of the overhaul, SCU streamlined its product lineup and unveiled what it describes as a more “user-friendly website,” two moves it hopes will appeal to younger consumers.

In addition to being generous with java, rubs and hugs, the credit union outlines a few other ways in which it is “generous” at its website:

  • Being more generous with our time
    We’re happy to spend as much time with you as you would like in order to share what we know with you and help you to make the right decisions.
  • Being more generous with our money
    You can always expect great rates from us and low (or no) fees and charges. And better than that. We’ll always look at the total deal you are being offered and do everything we can to make it as generous as possible for you.

SCU isn’t the only financial institution using the venerated piggy bank icon. BNZ, a bank in New Zealand, has built their entire campaign around them.

In an interview, Adam Milbank, marketing manager of SCU said, “We’ve got a modern and fresh new look that we believe will appeal more to the younger generations. Although it’s hard to compete with the big banks on advertising budget we have a strong brand and a great proposition that’s a little more fun and little more friendly.”

PR agency One Green Bean was appointed to support the brand refresh and new website, which was developed by design group Blue Marlin.

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