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Building a Culture-Driven Virtual Bank

Jim Marous visited WeLab in China in early 2020, which is utilizing data analytics and AI to analyze mobile data in minutes. How can this technology help banks create customer profiles?

The Importance of Attracting Rebel Talent in Banking

Behind every innovative bank and credit union is the talent of its employees. Entrepreneur Matteo Rizzi explains how this helps financial institutions build a culture of digital transformation from the workforce up.

Cultivating a Disruption Mindset

Altimeter's Charlene Li talks us through the secrets behind successful digital disruption and how banks can change their existing cultures.

The Technology Fallacy in Banking

Everyone is talking about how critical technology is in banking. But, as author Jerry Kane suggests, it could be a fallacy. He says that banks need to understand their "digital DNA", instead of just trying to "do digital" like everyone else.

Keys to Becoming a Digital Bank

If traditional banks and credit unions want to keep up with digital banks and neobanks, they need to master digital banking. CEO of The Finanser, Chris Skinner, breaks down his recent research and how legacy institutions can beat out the fintech competitors.

Personal Growth During Times of Digital Disruption

Digital disruption is just that: disruption. With all its benefits also comes its downsides, which can affect customers and employees. Author and global speaker Brian Solis says there are solutions for success.