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A New Metric For Banks And Credit Unions: Referral Performance Score

Regular readers of this blog know how much I detest the Net Promoter Score. Biggest management scam of the century in my book. There are a number of reasons why I dislike the metric, including my contention that measuring intentions isn’t as useful as measuring behavior. After all, I intend to lose weight, exercise more, […]

Emotional Is Not The Opposite Of Rational

Over the past few years marketers — financial services marketers, in particular — have increasingly recognized the importance of emotional factors in how consumers make decisions. Especially when it comes to products that they believe should be evaluated on rational factors, like the interest rate on a checking or savings account, or on a loan. […]

Using Photos of Men and Women in Marketing

This is a really difficult blog post for me to write. First of all, because I have to admit that I might have been wrong about something. And second, because with a blog title like this one, I risk offending some people, and losing some readers. Especially female readers. Which is not as sexist a […]

Sense And Respond Marketing

The emergence of new marketing pressures will require marketers to utilize new channels. It's called sense-and-respond marketing:

CYA (Count Your Assets)

What does count your assets (CYA) mean and what does it entail for bankers? Here is a walkthrough you need to understand the term.