Naming Strategies

The Do’s and Don’ts of CU Acronyms

Subscribe to The Financial Brand via email for FREE! Many credit unions refer to themselves internally in acronym form. Using acronyms is common industry shorthand. Everyone does in our industry, right? And when credit unions first start looking at a name change, one option is always first to make it on the table: Simply switch. Read More

Texas-Sized Trademark Trouble Brewing Over Name

Last week, The Financial Brand reported that Arp State Bank in East Texas was changing its name to American State Bank. The article noted a number of other financial institutions who already use American State Bank as their name, including ones in Iowa, South Dakota and North Dakota. But there’s already one in Texas too.. Read More

Naming SNAFUs Plague Multiple Commerce Banks

Subscribe to The Financial Brand via email for FREE!Okay, sorry, this gets a little complicated. There was a Commerce Bank in New Jersey. But earlier this year, TD Banknorth took them over. That merger created a huge naming hassle — including a lawsuit from a Commerce Bank in Massachusetts — over the Commerce name. In. Read More

Name change wrap-up for fall 2008

Subscribe to The Financial Brand via email for FREE!Here are summaries of some of the more interesting name changes from around the financial industry in recent months. South Shore Cooperative Bank slims down to ‘S Bank’ The bank is shrinking its name from 21 letters down to one. Nice. The bank said the old name,. Read More

Copperfin: Another Red Canoe

Subscribe to The Financial Brand via email for FREE! Canadian-based Lakewood and Kenora District credit unions are merging under the new name “Copperfin.” Last week, the members of both credit unions voted overwhelmingly in support of the merger. The new Copperfin website touts the merger’s benefits and explains the name change. The homepage takes a. Read More

WaMu Seized, Deposits Go to JP Morgan

Breaking News – Thursday, September 25, 2008 The FDIC just seized all the assets of Washington-based thrift, WaMu, making it the largest bank failure in history. The FDIC quickly brokered a deal where WaMu’s roughly $150 billion in deposits will be sold to JP Morgan Chase. It is reported that JP Morgan will be paying. Read More

Will the real ‘Vista Bank’ in Texas please step forward

Subscribe to The Financial Brand via email for FREE!Fight looms, confusion inevitable as two Texas banks now share ‘Vista’ name “We changed our name to soar above the crowd…to set ourselves apart.” – Security State Bank A new website for Security State Bank & Trust says the bank changed names to “soar above the crowd”. Read More

The Top 50 Most Distinctive Credit Union Names

Names selected for this list were based on their uniqueness within the credit union industry. Other criteria included: Each reflects something phonetically interesting and/or thematically evocative. Each name is memorable, and lends itself to a URL that’s easy to recall. Searching Google for these names is likely to yield the correct result in the top. Read More

Ohio Bank Learns Hard Lesson About Trademark Law

Subscribe to The Financial Brand via email for FREE!For 120 years, people in Ohio knew their bank simply as “OV.” Not any more. The bank was forced to change names by one of their competitors. The ‘Ohio Valley National Bank’ was founded in 1887 and had been doing business under the same name since it. Read More

The ‘Community Credit Union’ fallacy

Subscribe to The Financial Brand via email for FREE!For many credit unions, expanding their charters is a common growth strategy. Often, a credit union’s first reflex after getting a community charter is to add the word “community” to its name. The reasoning goes something like this: “Our community charter should fuel future growth. The only. Read More

Vowels in, consonants out as bank renames

Subscribe to The Financial Brand via email for FREE!“’Folsom Bank of Commerce’ is too many consonants and too many syllables.” – Greg Patton, President Commerce Bank of Folsom Effective August 1, 2008, Commerce Bank of Folsom will be changing its name to Sierra Vista Bank. The bank’s official explanation is that the new name is. Read More

What Does The Word ‘Federal’ do for FCUs?

Subscribe to The Financial Brand via email for FREE!Federally chartered credit union have a few more options with their names than their state chartered counterparts. The huge number of federal banks and federal agencies using the word ‘Federal’ in their name creates a layer of credibility or added security. Credit unions bearing the ‘Federal’ moniker. Read More

Most Common Words in Credit Union Names

#1) Employees – 1,553 #2) Community – 526 #3) County – 323 #4) Schools – 279 #5) West – 214 #6) Teachers – 214 #7) City – 199 #8) Postal – 183 #9) First – 179 #10) North – 170 Connection to employees reflected in names 1-in-6 credit unions have the word ‘Employee’ in their. Read More

Banks, credit unions grapple with their monikers

Subscribe to The Financial Brand via email for FREE!“You don’t want a long, involved name, or a name that doesn’t readily come to mind when people are looking for you.” — Martin Connors Jr., CEO of Rollstone Bank A recent article in the Worcester Business Journal explores what it calls the “big business” of financial. Read More

‘Servus’ chosen as name for Canada’s new super-CU

The mystery is over. The name of Canada’s 3rd largest credit union will be Servus. The credit union’s board chose the name because the Servus brand was created only 18 months ago, is recognized in the Edmonton market and can be trademarked. Earlier this year, three credit unions in Alberta (Servus, Common Wealth and Community. Read More

Update: Battle over ‘Commerce’ name heats up

Subscribe to The Financial Brand via email for FREE!Massachusetts bank puts Canada’s TD in a tough spot A U.S. District judge has issued a preliminary injuction barring TD Banknorth from using the TD Commerce name in all or parts of Massachusetts. TD Banknorth had planned on using the TD Commerce name after completing its recent. Read More

Judge orders trademark infringer to use ‘negative keywords’

Subscribe to The Financial Brand via email for FREE!Here’s an interesting ruling in a financial trademark dispute involving Orion Bancorp (the victor) and Orion Residential Finance. The judge ordered the guilty infringer to purchase “negative keywords” through Google and other online ad systems. A negative keyword tells search engines that the advertiser’s ad should never. Read More

Two credit unions merge to create ‘Genisys’

Subscribe to The Financial Brand via email for FREE!‘Genisys’ comes from combining ‘General Motors’ and ‘Unisys,’ the credit unions’ two main employer groups. Two Michigan-based credit unions, USA and T&C Federal, expect to complete the largest credit union merger in the state’s history later this year. They will be adopting Genisys Credit Union as their. Read More

RBC Bank And The Redundant Acronym

RBC Centura Bank recently announced it is dropping Centura from its name and is now RBC Bank. This name change brings into a focus an interesting naming phenomenon in the financial industry: redundant acronyms. Take “ATM Machine” for instance. ATM stands for “automatic teller machine,” so why is there the extra “machine?” Same thing with. Read More

Merger creates naming hassles for TD

Subscribe to The Financial Brand via email for FREE!TD merger triggers lawsuit; landmark stadium needs renaming Renaming Boston’s Garden The merger between TD Banknorth and Commerce Bank means the name of ‘TD Banknorth Garden’ will probably have to change. “For sure the ‘Garden’ will remain there, and what version of ‘TD’ goes in front of. Read More