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Making Banking Easy Isn’t Easy

Subscribe to The Financial Brand via email for FREE!For the average consumer, banking is a chore akin to scrubbing the toilet. It’s something that has to be done whether one likes it or not, and most people don’t. There are a million things we’d rather be doing. People detest banking because it’s rife with complex. Read More

Bank Streams Live Rock Concerts In Online Banner Ads

Subscribe to The Financial Brand via email for FREE!Dexia Bank, serving France and the Netherlands, has done two of the most innovative things you may ever see in financial services marketing. First, they have targeted a Gen-Y audience with live rock concerts streamed in the bank’s banner ads (more on that in a moment). Second,. Read More

Four Things Your Brand Must Be

Four principles serve as the underpinning for every great brand: differentiation, relevancy, credibility and irreproducibility. If your brand doesn't meet these four criteria, you've still got some work to. Read More

Mission, Vision, Values… And The Missing Piece

Subscribe to The Financial Brand via email for FREE!Some financial institutions have mission statements. Some have vision statements. Some have both. Some companies have a defined list of core values, while others don’t. One thing is for sure: There is a lot of confusion about what each of these tools should do. The difference between. Read More