Marketing Strategy

Word-of-Mouth Banking

What is the impact of word-of-mouth on banking purchases? Do face-to-face referrals generate more business than online? Take a look at this. Read More

How-To: Google AdWords Basics for Banks and Credit Unions

Subscribe to The Financial Brand via email for FREE!A recent poll conducted by The Financial Brand found that 57% of banks and only 23% of credit unions utilize search engine marketing (SEM). Clearly there are many financial institutions that have yet to embrace this powerful approach to marketing. AdWords is Google’s flagship advertising product and. Read More

What BofA’s New $8.95 Fee for eBanking Isn’t

Subscribe to The Financial Brand via email for FREE!When Bank of America debuted its new eBanking account, it ignited a firestorm among industry experts, journalists and customers alike, all of whom dispute what the account’s $8.95 fee signifies. With such widespread confusion and heated controversy surrounding BofA’s eBanking product, there needs to be some clarity. Read More